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Chairman’s Message

Dr. Sandeep Pachpande - Chairman, ASM Group of Institutes


Passionate about excellence, we at Audyogik Shikshan Mandal are rapidly moving towards developing globally relevant education in India. Our international collaborations with Harvard Business School’s HBX CORe, IBM, SAP, etc., have now made us pioneers in bringing in a multinational cutting-edge education system that gives students the kind of exposure and experience that is seldom provided by B-Schools in India. ASM’s EDGE is a unique, focused program designed to enhance the employability of ASM students by providing them a holistic cutting edge certification of the latest in-demand skills in association with the leading corporate and top business schools in the world.

A highly trained internal faculty tests the caliber of every student and motivates them to be world leaders. ASM also has a trend of inviting the best in the world to come and share their knowledge with the students at IBMR. With international standards of teaching, IBMR also highly encourages case study methods of teaching along with strategic thinking sessions. The international tie-ups and collaborations such as HBX CORe, IBM, CityU, CETYS, SAP etc. primarily aim at enhancing the employability of the students at a global level. Providing students with a learning experience that amalgamates creativity, perseverance, commitment and global exposure to achieve their desired goals, ASM has developed strong linkages with best of national, international academic and business community. Our holistic approach to education coupled with our proven pedagogy helps in creating proactive, innovative and industry ready professionals, ready to take up global challenges. ASM has been setting benchmarks in management education and is aptly reflected by its high ranking by leading B-School surveys.

The time that you spend with us is filled with so much learning – a lot of which will happen outside the classroom! For starters, your peer group will be a diverse and talented set of culturally diverse professionals with varied backgrounds and work experiences. Likewise, your coursework will bring you in contact with brilliant academicians, management gurus and industry experts from around the world. Interactions with all these people will not only elevate your levels of thought but will also enable a cross-fertilization of ideas and exchanges, some of which will serve as game changers that you hold dear for the rest of your lives.

ASM is fully conscious of its commitment for the holistic development of its students. It is not ‘All work no play’- we party just as hard as we work and your stay at Great ASM will be heartily peppered with several on and off campus fun activities including cultural extravaganzas and events.

Above all, the experience that you gather at ASM will be unparalleled offering you the right cutting EDGE over the competition. ASM provides the perfect formula with all the ingredients to ensure the most magical and exponentially rewarding experiences of your life.

I welcome you all for a rewarding and enriching, learning experience at ASM IBMR

Dr. Sandeep Pachpande - Chairman, ASM Group of Institute