5 Reasons to Choose PGDM in Supply Chain Management


Visit Malls and buy stuff for a week? How did the products reach there? How are they packaged so well? Well, Supply Chain Management is the answer to all these questions.

Starting from collecting the raw material to supplying the end product, everything is done through people involved in the process. Manufacturing companies, Retailers and everyone who have a product to sell, use Supply Chain Management to meet their goals in time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pursue PGDM in Supply Chain Management:

  1.  Good Career Opportunities
    Industries at India are growing at a rapid pace. Be it dairy products or car manufacturers and cloth stores or other alike, their expansion means that they need better planning and managing for all of their operations...
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All you need to know about PGDM in Research & Business Analytics At ASM’s IBMR


Data Scientist.Business Analyst. Sounds familiar?

While the former is the most lucrative job role in the market.It is just an advancement of the latter. If you planned on getting a job in similar job profiles, ASM IBMR’s PGDM in Research & Business Analytics, Jointly awarded with your IBM gives you just that. And some more.

  1.  Scope in PGDM in Research & Business Analytics

With data getting broader and bigger each day, the need to act and use that data for company strategies and decisions is increasing consistently. With a specialized degree in Business Analytics, your chances of getting hired by consultancies and MNCs are higher. HR, Finance, Marketing- there is hardly any place where Analytics isn’t used.

You could work in different job profiles such asData Scientist, Consultant, ...

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All you need to know about PGDM in International Finance at ASM’s IBMR


The demand for a good finance postgraduate course has been eminent for a very long time. It hasn’t changed just yet. Lately, companies have started to look for people with specialization on different levels rather than just a conventional finance degree. The PGDM in International Finance integrated with US CPA aims at training the students for CPA certification.

1. Scope in PGDM in Financial Management
The scope of a PGDM in Financial Management with US CPA is immense, especially in US markets. The CPA exam is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the world’s largest accounting body. A CPA will have knowledge of

  • US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS)
  • Generally Accepted Accounting S...
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The 8 Big Benefits of having a Digital Marketing Career in India


The rules of marketing have changed since Digital Marketing became a prominent method of putting product and services to consumers. Come to think of it, it has been one of the few career choices that have lived up to the hype it has created. Increased pay, clients shelling out more revenues and diverse working profiles are some of the many benefits of a digital marketing career in India.

Listing 8 more reasons below for you to pursue this lucrative career.

  1.  Soaring Demand
    Digital Marketing demand has increased consistently over the last few years. According to a report, India has over 460 million internet users and numbers are growing, every passing moment. The prime minister’s Digital India Campaign has only boosted its awareness.
  2.  Short Term Training courses

There are multiple sho...

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The value of PGDM in Today’s Job Market in India


The market is growing at a spectacular rate. Especially the Indian market is becoming skilled- driven rather than just promoting degrees from premier Institutes. With that in mind, PGDM courses are right there with the industry needs. Be it a graduate or an experienced person, a right PGDM degree will help you climb that corporate ladder. Challenging strategic roles and becoming a manager or a senior analyst is what you can expect out of these courses.

Here are a few benefits of PGDM from the other usual courses:

1.    Specializations as per industry demands

Specializations in PGDM courses are mostly created out of the need in the industry...

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