5 Reasons to Choose PGDM in Supply Chain Management
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February 2, 2019
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5 Reasons to Choose PGDM in Supply Chain Management

Visit Malls and buy stuff for a week? How did the products reach there? How are they packaged so well? Well, Supply Chain Management is the answer to all these questions.

Starting from collecting the raw material to supplying the end product, everything is done through people involved in the process. Manufacturing companies, Retailers and everyone who have a product to sell, use Supply Chain Management to meet their goals in time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pursue PGDM in Supply Chain Management:

  1. Good Career Opportunities
    Industries at India are growing at a rapid pace. Be it dairy products or car manufacturers and cloth stores or other alike, their expansion means that they need better planning and managing for all of their operations. That is why Supply Chain Management will open your gates for a plethora of opportunities in the market.
  2. Ample Internship Opportunities
    Many colleges allow you to work part-time and do an internship with a company while you are learning. This is due to the high demand the supply-chain sector has to cater. This also ensures the safer career and placement as the interns are then hired as full-time employees after completion of their course.
  3. High Salary
    One good thing about any growing sector is that there are high demands. With a right PGDM degree, your chances in getting a management position are maximum. Those strategic roles will surely get you the package you can boast about.
  4. Multiple Sectors to Choose from
    There are multiple sectors within supply- chain such as wholesaling, warehousing, and postal services. Even the kind of organizations can differ. Automobile, Manufacturing, Delivery Services and other sectors too.
  5. International Travel

Due to the import and export of products and raw materials from one country to another, it is eminent that the operations are seen keenly. Hence the role for a people who will look after these inter-countries operations is needed. There are many opportunities to go abroad from Indian companies too, as their work is also dependent on the vendors outside India.

ASM IBMRs collaboration with Safexpress and Safeducate lets you earn while you learn. The college has an advanced curriculum that ties up supply chain with other sectors very well. It opens up your options to join big companies. They also have Harvard Business School online courses, Amazon aws, IIMBX Certification in all PGDM Courses.

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