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August 15, 2019
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Job Opportunities After MBA in Agribusiness

Jobs After MBA Agribusiness

Agriculture was once one of the most unorganized sectors in the country, despite India being an agriculture-based economy. However, in the past few decades, this has changed for the better. Agribusiness is now more organized and constitutes nearly 20% of the economy. This means there are a lot of job opportunities in agribusiness, especially in the management sector. MBAs can find many opportunities to make high-paying, successful careers here. From input agriculture like seeds and soil development to output agriculture like products and farming equipment, theres a need for professionals for development and management.

Top 6 Job Opportunities After MBA in Agribusiness:

The influx of managers into agribusiness resulted in a turn-around of the industry. Therefore, if you are looking for a strong industry that also does well for the people and nation, heres a list of job opportunities after MBA in agribusiness.

1. Farming Planner

The farming planner is responsible, from planting the seeds to the harvesting of the produce and packaging of the final product. This is an important position that requires deep knowledge of seeds, soils, climate conditions, supply chain, agriculture products, warehousing and more. The salary is also high and growth opportunities are ample.

2. Agricultural Manager

As the title suggests, the agricultural manager manages the agriculture company. They oversee the management of the farms, warehouses, irrigation, employees, accounts, payroll, contracts and a host of other important aspects. They are to a farm what a managing director would be to a company. Owing to the multiple responsibilities, an agriculture manager gets a handsome salary and benefits.

3. Marketing Manager

This position is quite similar to any marketing manager working in any product based industry. They have to plan to market the product, for which they have to know the product well. They are responsible for the brand recognition and overall sales of the product. This is a lucrative position as there is a huge need for marketing managers in agribusiness.

4. Market Analyst

The marketing analyst has deep insight into the different agriculture markets. Since this industry has many products, a market analysts expertise is required to make production and sales strategies. They have to keep a close watch on market conditions and develop strategies based on them.

5. Risk Analyst

Agribusiness is one of the most risk-prone industries with uncertainty in weather conditions, change in the markets, and change in rules by the government. Risk analysts have to look for future risks and help the business plan to negate the risk factors, and even develop future strategies. Owing to this position’s important nature, risk analysts make a good living.

6. Bioterrorism Consultant

This position deals with the preparedness regarding bioterrorism incidents. Bioterrorism is a real threat that looms over the modern world. Therefore, these special consultants positions were created for risk assessment, preparedness to tackle threats, protect public health, and take preventive measures. Bioterrorism consultants work closely with government authorities. This is a specialized position that comes with a high salary tag and perks.

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Key Takeaway

Job opportunities in agribusiness are going to be plentiful. In the upcoming decade, agribusiness in the country will be one of the largest contributors to the economy and one of the largest employers. Therefore, theres a need for MBAs in this field. There are many ways MBAs can contribute and make this industry surpass its potential.

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