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Why Joining IBMR is the Best Choice for Career Growth?
October 1, 2014
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Why is ASM’s IBMR one of the Top MBA College in Pune?
November 12, 2014

Know More about Students Corner at ASM’s IBMR


One of the top business schools in Pune, Institute of Business Management & Research (IBMR) is dedicated to providing students with a rich experience in the different aspects of life. For this purpose, they have developed a platform solely for students. Here, students can download newsletters, read up about placements, get a thorough understanding of the facilities and infrastructure at IBMR, and much more. Their student-centric approach has made them one of the most sought-after management institutes in Pune.

It is a platform that allows students to access information. There is an abundance of information related to:

  1. Co-Curricular Activities
  2. Extra-Curricular Activities
  3. Global Exposure
  4. Life at IBMR

Student’s Corner for Prospective Students As Well

Prospective students can benefit from this platform too. The following information will help you make a more informed decision:

  1. Students can get information about the banks providing education loans for IBMR courses.
  2. Prospective students can apply online.
  3. Testimonials written by ex-students who now form a part of the corporate sector will help students understand the scope of the course.

Student’s corner is a space dedicated to the activities taking place in the versatile environment of IBMR. Since photographs are regularly uploaded on this platform, you can relive memorable moments too. It is a huge repository of information for all students. Prospective students can get a thorough insight into the life at IBMR. This platform is a window into the very soul of the institute. Platforms and facilities like Student corner allow prospective, current, and past students to be a part of the lively environment at IBMR.

ASM's Institute of Business Management & Research, Pune was established in 1983. It is affiliated to University of Pune. It is a prominent institute for higher education in the state of Maharashtra.