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What Are The Skills Required To Get Placement In Campus?

Every college student, where he is in a postgraduate or an undergraduate program, wants to get placed at the campus itself. The underlying reason is simple. When companies do hiring at the campus, they hire in masses.

Getting jobs off-campus is not impossible but of course harder comparatively. So is there a one-shot formula for cracking on-campus placements? No, not really.

There are multiple things recruiters are looking for in a prospective hire.

13 Things That Will Get You HIRED In Campus Placement

1. Confidence

Students who get their first placement on campus, get hired by other companies as well. They are confident at what they do and arent shying away from their weaknesses in front of a recruiter. Confidence is really appreciated in a fresher if it is backed by a good portfolio and performance in other written rounds.

2. Attitude

Like it or not, this is judged the moment you enter the room. HRs see it, smell it and hear it from your words. Your response to some of the situations and the way you present and portray yourself give different shades of your attitude.

3. Humility

No one will say it but modesty goes a long way in impressing people, let alone those who hire people. If you have done something, let your portfolio talk about it, rather than boasting about it. Dont tell anything extra until asked.

4. Inquisitiveness

This goes without saying that a curious student is better than a complacent one. Companies arent looking for a know-it-all resource. They want that fire, zeal, and enthusiasm to learn and explore new things.

5. Industry Certifications

Industry-certifications are received when you have studied the company curriculum course and cleared the examination on the same. Thats why industry certifications improve the credibility of your skills and portfolio. Companies are willing to hire more people with Industry-certifications so that they have to spend less time and money in training them on the same.

6. Hard-Working


No amount of smart work can beat hard work and dedication. If you have shown that through your grades, thats enough. If you have shown that in extra-curricular activities, that also counts.

7. Team Player

Team Player

When you join an organization, you work with other people. People who have different perspectives, the different working style amongst many other things. If you have worked in a team for projects, during your internship and other activities on your campus, that shows your team working capability.

8. Consistency

One thing that they scrutinize is the consistency in your performance over the semesters. Has your performance improved, degraded or remained consistent? Apart from that, how coherent and consistent your answers are when they are asking you questions. Ensure that you dont contradict your opinion while trying to impress the HR.

9. Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

As long as people work together, they will need to communicate and do it well. So the moment you utter your first word, sentence, they are checking your communication skills. If you are good at it, then you can shape your thoughts better and convince them that you are the right candidate for their profile.

They also understand that it will be easier for other people to work with you as you have clarity in your thoughts and speech.

10. Quick Learner

With the market trends changing so fast, companies are looking to hire candidates who are good at what they do but are faster too. This skill gets you brownie points from the recruiters as your efficiency will gain the organization profits.

11. Leadership


This is one thing that can be cultivated over a period of time. But, if proven at an interview, your chances of getting hired are more than 90% because they dont anticipate someone leading others while joining at an entrant level. It may be different in case of a postgraduate hire where they are actually looking for the person with leadership skills.

All in all, this skill is golden.

12. Integrity

This is where your interview can go wrong if not dealt properly. You should always state the real figures of your achievements and your capabilities. Because the recruiters have been doing it for years, they can gauge your lies pretty quickly. So, honesty is the only policy of getting hired.

They used to expect a little diplomacy some 5-6 years ago, but that has gone out of the window now.

13. Your Resume


Last but not least, your resume will represent what you have done and what you are. If it is cluttered, they will read it but will get the idea about your personality. They say the first impression is the last. It is so true about your resume. When the recruiter hasnt seen you, he has seen your resume. Make sure, it stands out!

Getting hired at the campus is everyones dream, even your parents. But you have to keep your game on top in all these above-mentioned areas so that you are the best version of yourself in front of the recruiters.

And truth be told, there is no feeling better than getting hired in the first company that visits your campus. What are you waiting for? Start working!

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