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Master of Computer Applications

DTE code – 6973



MCA- 2 Year Full Time


Min 50% in any UG Program, MAH-MCA-CET appeared

BATCH : 20th

No. of Seats : 180
  1. Students will have to submit an undertaking for anti ragging at the time of admission
  2. Ragging in any form inside and outside the institute is strictly prohibited as per decision of the Apex Court and directives from the AICTE, Government of India and Maharashtra respectively.
  3. Link to register complaints for anti ragging –
  4. The institute does not accept any capitation & complaints of such cases may be registered on the website -
  5. In case if any student is found indulged in ragging activity he/she will have to face the consequences being it stands as a criminal offence.
  6. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, tobacco gum etc. is strictly prohibited in the premises of institute as well as hostel.
  7.  Spitting, throwing any kind of waste within the institute and hostels premises other than the designated place is strictly prohibited. Violation of these will be viewed seriously.
  8. Writing, sketching pictures, affixing stickers etc. on walls, furniture drawing tables, bathroom, washroom, buses of the institution is strictly prohibited; violation of this will be viewed seriously.
  9. Every student is responsible for his/her conduct and image building within and outside the institute. Any objectionable conduct or activity will be viewed seriously.
  10. It is the duty of the every student to maintain the campus as well as hostel premises neat and clean.
  11. Attendance below 75% without prior permission may result in appropriate disciplinary action.
  12. Students participation and attendance in seminars, workshops, induction, guest lectures and other programmes conducted within or outside the institution is compulsory. Violations of these may warrant for appropriate disciplinary action.
  13. Internal assessment / team work assessment will be given exclusively on the basis of student performance in mid semester, test assignment, tutorial marks and participation/attendance during seminars, workshops, lectures etc.
  14. Every student shall always carry an identity card with him/her and shall produce on demand.
  15. No student without identity and admission card (hall ticket) will be permitted to appear for internal / university examination and in that event concerned student will be solely responsible for the consequences.
  16. It is binding on every student to submit an application minimum one week in advance to the concerned authority/committee in case if he/she needs any certificate like bona fide, scholarship, concession in fees etc.
  17. Every related information and deadlines for each activity will be displayed on the notice board hence no student shall ignore the watching of notice board or message through SMS, as no excuse will be heard later on
  18. Every student is bound to utilise the institutions property carefully, any damage will result in proportionate fine as a recovery against damage so caused.
  19. It is compulsory for every student to pay fees, submit eligibility, examination form or any other information voluntary or as per demand within the prescribed time limit. Tuition fees should be paid before the commencement of academic period. However in case of violation of these rules and late payment of fees will attract suitable fine, as may be decided by the concerned committee and decision of the committee will be final and binding.
  20. Any student who desires to grab an opportunity of higher and valuable education by opting on line course in collaboration with Harvard Business School or certification course of analytics in collaboration with IBM, SAP, ASM’s EDGE or two or more of the above will have to pay extra fees as may be decided by the committee.
  21. Every student shall have to pay extra charges against the formal uniform and thereafter have to attend the classes as well as programmes in formal uniform only.
  22. Any student who desires to avail the facility of advance learning in the areas like analytics, soft skill, interview skill, personality development will have to pay extra fees, as may be decided by the committee.
  23. Every student is expected to follow strictly the schedule of classes and the programmes as mentioned in the academic calendar for the year 2020-21.
  24. It is compulsory for every student to maintain the library card and handle the books, journals and notes issued from the library carefully and shall return the same in the original condition as it was at the time of issue and co-operate the institution for preserving its validity.
  25.  Delay in returning the books, journals or notes back to the library will attract for suitable fine on per day basis as may be decided by the committee.
  26. Every student will have to compulsorily participate in all the academic activities and related events.
  27. As every activity is just for the students and their development, every student shall attend and participate into wholeheartedly at 100% level.
  28. To save the electricity students has to ensure to put off the light & other appliances before leaving the classroom/labs.
  29. Every student is expected to behave ethically in computer lab/class room/hostel/canteen and campus.
  30. Every month’s attendance will be submitted to student’s home address.
  31. For eligibility of placement minimum 75% attendance is compulsory.
  32. Documents verification shall be completed strictly before 11th August 2020.
  33. The students are bound by the rules and regulations made by the AICTE / DTE / University / UGC / institute from time to time. Any violation can attract disciplinary action as per the concerned authority. Any matter not expressly provided for in these rules shall rest at the absolute discretion of the Director who also reserves the right of modifying these rules if and when felt necessary.
  34. Refund of fees will be as per rules of concerned authority.
  35. The library deposit shall be refunded within the month after the last examination on submission of no due certificate from the office of IBMR and NOC from the librarian.
  36. The institute reserves the right to change the name or cancel a course as per Govt. guidelines and regulations.
  37. Students will have to comply with all the relevant rules and regulations failing which admission will not be finalised.
  38. Fees will be extra for additional courses under the ASM’s EDGE Program/MBA Premium
  39. Minimum 85% attendance in academic and extracurricular activities along with acceptable performance is required to be eligible for placements.
  40. Course curriculum is subject to change as per guidelines from AICTE or Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  41. All disputes are subject to Pune city jurisdiction.
  42. Fees and other costs mentioned are excluding GST, and will be applicable.