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Must-Read Books for CMAT: Top Books for CMAT Preparation 2020

books for cmat preparation 2020

Best Books for CMAT 2020

Books, books and more books. They are one of the best ways to prepare and crack CMAT 2020. Today, there are many highly-rated books you can use to study and do well in CMAT exams. These books have been written by experts who have also cleared competitive exams like CMAT and CAT with excellent numbers. These experts sit for all other competitive exams like XAT, GMAT, SNAP, etc. and do well there too. So, you can learn a lot from their books.

There are other books as well that are a compilation of the questions and answers. These books are a mix of all the subjects. However, some of the most popular books that students use are the ones based on individual subjects. They have in-depth knowledge, questions and methods to answer them. Therefore, if you are looking to prepare for CMAT 2020, you should look into a few books that are sure to help you prepare and do well.


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A) CMAT Books for Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning (LR) is one of the most complicated sections to solve. The reason is that students are so used to memorising and answering questions whereas, LR requires you to use sound logic in complicated situations. Therefore, studying hard and developing your reasoning skills is the only way to do well.


There are a few books and Logical Reasoning that you can use to study for the CMAT 2020. These books are:-

1. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning By R.S. Aggarwal

This is one of the most recommended books for learning and developing your reasoning skills. Dr. R.S. Aggarwal has written quite a few books and students swear by the author who has helped many students clear the reasoning section.

2. A New Approach to Reasoning By B.S. Sijwali & S. Sijwali Arihant

Divided into 3 sections – verbal, non-verbal and analytical reasoning. There are questions in each section that cover different question patterns. This is a book that will prepare you well.

3. How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma

Developed by Arun Sharma, this book will equip you to tackle varied questions based on logical reasoning. Theres enough material in there that will help you prepare well.

4. The Hands-On Guide To Analytical Reasoning And Logical Reasoning by Peeyush Bhardwaj

This book lives true to its name. It is quite hands-on and will help you tackle many different kinds of reasoning questions.

5. Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey

Analytical reasoning is said to be a lot tougher than verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Therefore, this book by M.K. Pandey is dedicated to solving analytical reasoning. There are many steps to analyse a problem and the book illuminates you on the best ways to analyse and reason.


B) CMAT Books for General Awareness

Whats going on around you? What are the most burning issues in the nation? As someone who wants to make a future in management, you need to have good general awareness. Therefore, CMAT also tests your general awareness.

One great way to have a good general awareness is to read newspapers and magazines. There are many books that you can use to prepare for this section.

Here is a list of the top 5 books for general awareness.

1. The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual

This book is a good read that will get you up to speed on all the general awareness you need to know. Many CMAT appearing students have found it to be useful.

2. General Knowledge 2019

Manohar Pandey – Know all the major business, scientific, political events and more of the year 2019 with this amazing book by Manohar Pandey. You can fill up on a lot of knowledge that is going to help in your CMAT exam.

3. Social Issues and Institution

Wizard Publication – This book by Wizard Publication is an excellent compilation of the best and most important general awareness news and facts. A thorough read of this will increase your general awareness quotient by a lot.

4. General Knowledge 2020

Get all the best general awareness facts and news in General Knowledge 2020. This is a comprehensive read that provides all the required information for a good general awareness test and more.

5. Manorama Year Book or India Year Book

Know all the current happenings in the country with the help of this amazing book. Full of excellent facts and information, the India Year Book is one of the most recommended books for increasing general awareness.


C) CMAT Books for Data Interpretation and Quantitative Aptitude

Data interpretation and quantitative aptitude are one of the most difficult sections in the CMAT exams. You have to know your stuff and be able to solve complex problems if you want to do well. Mock tests are only going to get you so far.

Therefore, here are a few books for data interpretation and quantitative aptitude that will truly help you.

1. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Dr. R.S. Aggarwal

Another great book by Dr. R.S. Aggarwal, Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations will help you out in this section of the CMAT exams. Buy it and start studying now.

2. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma knows what he is talking about. His book has helped quite a few students crack competitive entrance exams like CAT and CMAT.

3. Quantitative Aptitude for the CMAT and Other MBA Entrance Examinations by Jaimin Shah

This is another excellent read and preparatory book for your upcoming CMAT 2020. Its full of complex questions that will really test your abilities and prepare you well.

4. Ace Quantitative Aptitude For Banking and Insurance

The banking and insurance sectors have some really difficult qualifying exams, especially the quantitative aptitude section. Therefore, do use this book for CMAT. It is highly helpful and highly recommended.


D) CMAT Books for Verbal Ability/Language Comprehension

This is a section that trips up many students, especially the ones who struggle with English. Of course, the ability to speak is not a parameter for intelligence. But you are taking the CMAT 2020 to learn management and in the business world, English is an important part. So you have to do well.

Here are a few books that will help you in your verbal ability and language comprehension.

1. The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability by Sujit Kumar

Drastically increased your verbal ability and do well in this section in the CMAT with this book. Regarded as one of the best books for exam preparation, it will also serve you well in the long run regarding your language skills.

2. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

Specially written and compiled for students preparing for CAT, this book is also useful for CMAT, which is just as competitive as CAT, especially in the verbal ability section. Get this book and be prepared to do well in CMAT.

3. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension by Ajay Singh

Many students can read English, but how many can truly understand the meaning behind the words? With this book, you will not only read but also learn to understand and interpret so you can do well in your CMAT exams.


4. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT by Nishit K. Sinha

Nishit Sinha has written an excellent book that many students have found helpful. Therefore, this book is highly recommended by everyone for verbal ability and language comprehension.

5. Barrons Pocket Guide to Vocabulary
When it comes to language, vocabulary is everything. It takes your writing skills to a whole new level. So, get this book, not only to do well in CMAT but also to become a better, more competent writer.


E) Other Helpful Books for CMAT 2020 Exam

While the above-mentioned books are dedicated to a specific subject, some books have everything you would need to prepare for CMAT 2020. These books are written and compiled by experts, and many students who have done well in CMAT swear by them.

Here are 3 books that you should use for CMAT 2020 preparations.

  1. The 3 Edge Advantage Series: CMAT Practice Sets (Old Edition) by Ayush Gupta, Ashwani, Diwakar Sharma, R.K. Behl
  2. The Complete Reference Manual for CMAT Common Management Admission Test (Old Edition) by S.K. Sinha, S. Satyanarayan, Col. J.S. Rana
  3. CMAT 15 Practice Sets (Common Management Admission Test) free online mock test


Download CMAT Free E-Books

Many CMAT preparation books can be found online as well. No need to order online and wait a few days, or go searching in libraries and bookstores. One-click and you will be on your way to preparing and doing well in your upcoming CMAT examination. Here is the link for the CMAT e-book. Simply click and download.


Parameters to Consider Books for CMAT 2020

There are many books to consider for CMAT, and therein lies the challenge. There are too many books in the market, and students can get confused and end up using the wrong book for preparation.

To help you with choosing the right book, here are a few parameters.

  • Recommendations Go for books that have been recommended by other students. These are the best ones.
  • Author Reputation – Many experts have written books for CMAT and other competitive exams. These experts are renowned and you can search online about them before buying their book.
  • Reviews Most of the preparation books have been reviewed online. These reviews are mostly accurate and will help you select the correct CMAT books.
  • Consult with Counsellors Many counsellors give guidance to students in the matter of education. They will also be able to guide on what books will help you do well in CMAT 2020.
  • Forums – There are many online discussion forums for competitive exams. There are many social media groups as well. These groups will also have information on the best books for CMAT 2020.


Make good use of the information stated above and get only the best books that will help your crack CMAT 2020 and get admission in the best institute for management studies.


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