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Guide to PGDM in HRM

What is PGDM in Human Resource Management (HRM)?

If you have people management skills and like to scout talent, the PGDM in HRM just might be the course for you after graduation. Many students opt for this course, as this is one of the most popular courses amongst students who are happy to work with people, and be an integral part of the company.

PGDM in HRM is all about managing the human capital in an organisation. From recruiting the right talent, to knowing human resources laws and rules of the country, and bringing the company up to code, all of it is a part of the HRs job. They also have to keep the employees happy and be a communication bridge between the employees and the senior management. They are the gears that ensure the organisation keeps running smoothly.

In the following blog, you will get all the information you need about the PGDM in HRM. From eligibility to all the professions that are available through a PGDM in HRM, you will get all the information that will help you decide if this course is the right move for you. The following information will also help you understand the world of human resources management, and the many career opportunities that have a great future.

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PGDM HRM: Course Highlights

The following is highlighted information regarding the PGDM in HRM. It will give you a quick idea about the course, including the fees and average salaries. And below the highlights, you will find more detailed information. But first, take a look at the highlights.

  • Course Level – This is a postgraduate degree course.
  • Duration – Durations may differ from institute to institute. It takes 1-2 years to complete the course
  • Examination Type – PGDM in HRM is conducted in a semester pattern.
  • Eligibility – You need to be a graduate in a bachelor’s degree in a legitimate discipline.
  • Admission Process – You may have to clear a competitive entrance exam. Some colleges also grant based on merit.
  • Course Fee – The current fees averages in between INR 8 lakhs to 25 lakhs.
  • Average Starting Salary – The average salary range is from INR 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs.
  • Top Recruiting Organizations – Microsoft, SBI, Accenture, Amazon, and Flipkart,
  • Top Recruiting Areas – IT, Manufacturing, Banking & Insurance, E-commerce, and Investment Banking.
  • Top Job Profiles – HR Manager, HR Director, Training & Development Manager, Employee Relations Manager, and HR Recruiter.


PGDM HRM Course: Eligibility

Here, find all the information you need to know about your eligibility for the PGDM in HRM course. You have to ensure you meet all the criteria stated, so when you try for admission, you have a good chance of getting admission in your preferred management institute.

  • You will need to have a bachelors degree from any govt. recognised university or institute, in an approved subject or discipline.
  • You need to have more than 50% as your final graduation marks. However, some institutes may not require you to have a certain percentage.
  • Some institutes may require you to clear competitive entrance exams. Only after you have cleared the exam with the percentile will you be considered for admission.
  • Some colleges grant admission based on merit, so all you have to do is fill the admission form, provide the required documents, and pay the fees to secure your seat.

5 Benefits: Why Choose PGDM in HRM?

5 Benefits: Why Choose PGDM in HRM?

You cannot choose any PGDM course with proper justification. If you are still not sure about the reasons to do a PGDM in HRM course, here are some reasons that make it one of the best courses for a fulfilling professional career.

Here are top 5 benefits of having degree in PGDM in HRM:

1. Importance

The human resources department is one of the most important departments in a company. They ensure good working conditions, and justice for employees, and hire appropriate talent for the company.

2. Every Industry

Government law also requires companies of a certain size to have fully-functional HR departments. Therefore, as an HR professional, you can choose to work in any industry. The key functions of the HR department remain the same irrespective of the company.

3. Career & Scope

In human resources, there are many areas where you can make a career. You may have a talent for recruiting, or you may be a good communicator, whatever your talent is, it can be well-utilized in the field in the form of a good career.

4. High Salary

Though HR personnel dont start with a high salary, they go on to make an excellent salary after gaining experience. HR jobs also come with excellent benefits. Plus, with HR being a part of big companies, you will find a job in a big company.

5. Challenging

Human resources personnel have to deal with humans, and human behaviour is unpredictable. This makes the job quite challenging and fun. So, as aPGDM in HRM graduate, you will never feel bored in your career.


PGDM HRM Course: Syllabus & Subjects

The following are the syllabus and subjects of PGDM in HRM. It will help you understand what to expect if you choose to do this course after your graduation. The subjects have been divided according to the semesters.

Semester I

  • Management Concepts & Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Environment and Law
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Research and Management
  • Managerial Economics

Semester II

  • Organizational Development and Change
  • Human Resource Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employee Legislation
  • Performance Management


Career Opportunities After PGDM in HRM

When one thinks of careers in HR, only 2-3 professions come to the mind. But in reality, there are many different fields and professions that one can pursue in HR.

Here is a look at the top career opportunities you have in HRM.

1. HR Manager

The HR manager is the main manager of the HR department. Their job is to manage all the HR personnel, assign them work, and ensure all tasks are done.

2. HR Director

The HR director is the head of the HR department and a representative of the department to senior management. They consult with them regarding staffing issues, labour issues, salary hikes, benefits, and more.

3. Training & Development Manager

New staff needs to be trained and existing staff need to be developed. These important responsibilities belong to the training & development manager. They regularly conduct training sessions for them.

4. Employee Relations Manager

The employee relations manager has to manage and maintain employee relationships amongst themselves and with the middle and senior management. This is quite a responsible and important position.

5. HR Recruiter – Recruiting suitable talent for the company is the main job of the HR recruiter. They have to coordinate with employment agencies and find the right talent for the right salary & benefits package by conducting interviews.

6. Technical Recruiter

The technical recruiter position is mostly technology-related companies. The technical recruiter has to find talent for technical jobs. The recruiters need to have deep knowledge regarding the technology of the company.

7. HR Generalist

The position has the term generalist because, and HR generalist has a wide range of duties instead of work in a particular field. They have to know about all the tasks and duties performed by the HR department.

8. Compensation Manager

The compensation manager is responsible for the compensations, salary offers, salary hikes, benefits packages, and such matters. They have to know employees well to be able to provide fair compensation.

9. Change Management Consultant

This is quite an interesting position. The change management consultants are responsible for implementing changes in functioning within a business. They study, plan, and execute the changes.

10. HR Specialist

The HR specialist is mostly responsible for recruitment, but will have to do additional HR duties as well. They are also responsible for providing training and support to the employees.


Future Scope of PGDM in HRM

Future Scope of PGDM in HRM in India

The PGDM in HRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management) holds a promising future in India, a country with a booming job market and a growing emphasis on strategic talent management. Here’s a breakdown of the trends shaping the future of PGDM in HRM graduates in India:

  • Demand for Tech-Savvy HR Professionals: As in the global market, India is witnessing the rise of automation and data-driven decision making in HR. A Nasscom report (2023) predicts that over 8 lakh new jobs will be created in the AI and automation sector in India by 2025. PGDM programs that equip graduates with skills in HR analytics, AI recruitment, and digital talent management will be in high demand.
  • Focus on Employer Branding and Employee Experience: The Indian workforce is undergoing a shift, with millennials and Gen Z placing a high value on company culture and employee well-being. A recent study by Aon Hewitt (2023) reveals that 78% of Indian employees consider a strong employer brand important when evaluating a job offer. PGDM programs that address employer branding strategies and fostering a positive employee experience will be well-positioned.
  • Rise of the Gig Economy and Remote Work: The Indian workforce is witnessing a rise in gig workers and remote work opportunities. A report by Assocham (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) (2023) estimates that the gig workforce in India will reach 7.7 crore (77 million) by 2023. PGDM programs that equip graduates with skills in managing a decentralized workforce and attracting and retaining talent in the gig economy will be crucial.
  • Government Initiatives and Regulatory Changes: The Indian government is actively shaping the HR landscape through initiatives like skilling programs and reforms in labor laws. Staying updated on these changes will be essential for PGDM graduates to navigate the evolving regulatory environment.


Future Scope of PGDM in HRM Around the World

The PGDM in HRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management) offers a promising path for those interested in a career managing the vital asset of any organization – its people. Here’s a glimpse into what the future holds for PGDM in HRM graduates, backed by statistics to solidify the trends, with sources linked for your reference:

By equipping yourself with the right skillset and staying updated with the evolving HR landscape, a PGDM in HRM can open doors to a rewarding and future-proof career.

Top Recruiting Organizations After PGDM In HRM

The future may be bright for PGDM in HRM, but getting the right job, in the right company also matters a lot. Here is some information on the biggest HR personnel recruiting companies in India.

  • Microsoft

The biggest software company in the world has a massive strength of employees. To manage them all, they hire a lot of HR people.

  • Google

Google is famed for having the happiest employees in the world. This can be attributed to their HR team. In India too, they hire HRs to keep their employees happy and motivated.

  • SBI –

The countrys biggest nationalised bank has a massive network of branches and employees. Therefore, they are in constant need of HRs to manage the vast operations.

  • Amazon

Amazon India is expanding fast. With the recent billion-dollar expansion plans, they will be hiring many employees and HR personnel to manage the employees.

  • Accenture –

The professional services provider has continuously expanded in India, and will continue to do in the coming years as well through best talent hiring.

  • Flipkart

Powered by Walmart, Flipkart is all set to take on Amazon, and will be expanding operations throughout the country.

  • Reliance –

Reliance is now one of the worlds biggest companies with a presence in a variety of businesses. They are always hiring HRs to manage their vast pool of employees.

  • Citibank

Recognising Indias potential for private wealth, Citibank has stepped up its efforts in India and will be hiring HRs to hire talent across many financial services.

  • TCS –

TCS has operations overseas as well, and it is one of the biggest companies in India. It is also favoured by employees owing to strong HR practices.

  • Infosys

One of Indias biggest IT giants, Infosys is always in hiring mode. They also have a massive HR department that hires a lot of talent.


Top Recruiting Areas

One of the biggest advantages of HR is that it is required in every industry. So, as a PGDM in HRM graduate, you will have the luxury of choosing the industry according to your choice.

Top Recruiting Areas Aftre HRM PGDM

One of the biggest advantages of HR is that it is required in every industry. So, as a PGDM in HRM graduate, you will have the luxury of choosing the industry according to your choice.

Here are the industries that are always on the lookout for HR talent.

  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • E-commerce
  • Investment Banking
  • BFSI
  • Logistics
  • Consulting
  • Pharma
  • Education
  • FMCD
  • Retail
  • Service

PGDM HRM Course: Salary in India

A PGDM in HRM can open doors to a variety of HR roles in India, and the salary potential can vary depending on experience and other factors. Here’s a breakdown:

Average Salary Range:

Factors Affecting Salary:

  • Experience: As with any field, experience is a major factor influencing salary. Salaries tend to rise with more years on the job.
  • Industry: Certain industries, like IT or financial services, may offer higher salaries compared to others.
  • Location: Metropolitan cities typically offer higher salaries than smaller towns.
  • Specialization: Some HR specializations, like training and development, may command a higher salary compared to others like recruitment.
  • Skills and Reputation of the PGDM Institute: A PGDM from a reputed institute can open doors to better opportunities and potentially higher initial salaries.

HR Job Roles and Salaries:

Here are some examples of HR job roles and their average salaries to give you an idea (figures are yearly):

  • HR Recruiter: ₹4.83 lakhs 
  • Training and Development Manager: ₹7.83 lakhs 
  • Employee Relations Manager: ₹7.32 lakhs


A PGDM in HRM is a strong course that will bring you many great career opportunities. Career is the most important factor people consider, and rightly so. The PGDM in HRM has proven that it provides complete value for money. Human resource is the most important and valuable resource in any business, and it takes a special talent to be good in HRM. Therefore, choose the PGDM in HRM, and be on the path to success.

To know more about the PGDM in HRM, you can connect with the counsellors at ASMs IBMR. We also have one of the best PGDM in HRM courses. What’s even better is that it is a part of our dual PGDM program, which means you can take on an additional specialisation, and be poised to have an excellent career. Contact us at the earliest!

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