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PGDM in Finance: Everything You Need to Know

PGDM in Finance Course Guide

What is PGDM in Finance?

Finance is capital to start something new. It could be for a startup, a new venture, buying another company, or investing on behalf of the company. Finance is basically the capital of the company, and in a PGDM in finance, you learn all about the management of finance. It one of the most important aspects of running of a company as all companies have plans to grow and expand consistently.

PGDM in finance is a popular course pursued by many after graduation owing to its great scope for a high-paying, long-lasting career. Its MBA version is also quite popular, but the PGDM in finance is preferred by companies, as it is a more industry-centric course. Many other factors make PGDM in finance one of the best courses.

In the following blog, you are going to find a lot of important information regarding the PGDM in finance degree course. From the eligibility criteria to the companies that hire PGDM in finance graduates, you will get a detailed look into the postgraduate degree course. You will be able to make up your mind whether or not you would be pursuing this course after your graduation.

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PGDM in Finance Course Highlights

Heres a quick look at the highlights of the PGDM in finance. The information you find below will give you a gist of what to expect from the course. Further below, you will also find more detailed information regarding the degree course.

  • Course Level – This is a postgraduate course.
  • Duration – A PGDM in finance is a 2-year long course.
  • Examination Type – The PGDM in finance is conducted in a semester pattern.
  • Eligibility – You need to be a graduate with more than 50% as your final score.
  • Admission Process – Some institutes grant merit-based admission, while most need you to clear a competitive entrance exam.
  • Course Fee – The current fees averages between INR 50,000 to 5 lakhs
  • Average Starting Salary – The current start salary averages between INR 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs.
  • Top Recruiting Organizations – McKinsey, SBI, Barclays, AIG, Deutsche Bank
  • Top Recruiting Areas – Banking & Insurance,
  • Top Job Profiles – Bank Manager, Investment Banker, Financial Manager, Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor.


PGDM in Finance Course Eligibility

Before deciding on any course for your post-graduation, you should look at your eligibility for the course. Different postgraduate courses have different criteria, and this also becomes an important factor in your decision to do the course.

Heres the eligibility criteria for PGDM in finance:

  • You need to be a graduate in a govt. recognised degree course.
  • You need to have more than 50% as your final graduation percentage.
  • Students from all streams are accepted, but a few institutes give preference to management graduates.
  • A few colleges grand admission based on merit. You can directly take admission into the college.
  • Most colleges will require you to sit for a competitive entrance exam. You have to score a certain percentile to be eligible for admission.


Top 5 Benefits: Why Choose PGDM in Finance?


Before you decide to do the PGDM in finance, you have to ask why? There should be some strong reasons for you to invest time and money into this course, as it is the course that will decide your career and future.

Here are some reasons, why a PGDM in finance is the right course to do.

1. Careers Scope –

The career scope in the finance industry is immense. It is one of the most important industries in the world. Therefore, once you are a part of this industry, your career will be on the fast-track.

2. Ever-Growing Industry –

The finance industry is growing all over the world, especially in a country like India. This means there will be positive growth for the longest time. Ups & downs to happen, but the market recovers quickly. The finance industry is also well-moderated, making it safe.

3. Many Professions –

In finance, there is no dearth of different professions you can follow. During the course, you can discover which field interests you the most and you can choose to make a career in the field.

4. High Salaries –

Since this course is all about money, you can rest assured that you can score a high salary with excellent benefits. Of course, this all depends on which company you get a job in, and your negotiation skills, but with a PGDM in finance degree, you are already poised to make a good living.

5. Switching Jobs –

The advantage of the finance industry is that there is a lot of competition, and there are many big players. So, you will have many employment opportunities and offers to switch jobs at higher pay.


PGDM in Finance Course Syllabus & Subjects

Another great way to learn about PGDM in finance and deciding whether to pursue it is by knowing about the syllabus and subjects. This is a 2-year course thats been divided into 2 semesters. Here are the subjects.

Semester 1

  • Accounting System
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Markets
  • Cost and Management Accounting

Semester 2

  • Investment Management
  • Taxation (Direct and Indirect)
  • International Finance
  • Financial Management


Career Opportunities After PGDM in Finance

One of the biggest reasons why students opt for a PGDM in finance is the career opportunities it avails. Here are a few professions that you can pursue. All these professions are different from one another and come with a high salary tag.

Here are top 5 career & job opportunities after PGDM in finance:

1. Bank Manager –

Though you may not immediately start as a bank manager, this is a position you may work up to. Your job would be to run a bank branch and manage the day-to-day workings.

2. Investment Banker –

Most banks and financial institutions now also have entered the investments and trading market. Investment bankers are the ones that provide a variety of financial services on behalf of banks and financial institutions.

3. Financial Manager –

Financial managers are the professionals in charge of the financial health of an organisation. They are in charge of making reports, investments, and set and meet financial goals.

4. Portfolio Manager –

A portfolio manager is a person who has to build and manage an investment portfolio of various financial instruments. They can work in a company, or provide their services to companies and individuals.

5. Financial Advisor –

Financial advisors provide their expert advice on investments and other finance-related matters. Financial advisors can work full-time in companies or provide advice to individual clients and companies.


Future Scope of PGDM in Finance

It is important to know the future scope of any degree course. This will again help you decide on the course you want to pursue. For a PGDM in finance, you should ask questions like, what does the future look like for PGDM in finance? What is predicted to happen in the industry? What is going to be the growth rate?

Find answers for all such questions and more down below:


Top Recruiting Organizations after PGDM in Finance

Many people also look at companies that hire PGDM in finance graduates. This gives you an idea of the demand in this field, and what the future might look like working for those companies. Companies gain reputation based on how they pay and treat their employees, and a big-name company is what most students aim for.

1. McKinsey –

This management consulting firms offer expert services to other companies, and sees India as one of the main areas to expand their services.

2. SBI –

The State Bank of India is one of the most profitable banks in the country, and they have begun offering many financial and investment services.

3. Deutsche Bank –

Though German in origin, Deutsche Bank is now a multinational bank and financial services company that is aggressively expanding in India.

4. Barclays –

The British Bank has a worldwide network, which includes a growing, profitable presence in the Indian market.

5. AIG –

The insurance giant has been slowly and steadily growing the insurance industry, and will continue to do so in the near future as well.

6. ICICI Bank –

India’s biggest private bank and financial service provider is always in expansion mode thanks to its profitable status.

7. Infosys –

The IT giant is growing its footprint on the world. They continue to grow a lot and probably will conduct a lot of mergers and acquisitions.

8. Wipro –

Considered as one of the best IT companies in the world, Wipro is also growing at a consistent pace with a need for professional financial managers.

9. IBM –

IBM is an unstoppable force. With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, IBM will further grow to unbelievable financial heights and will need for experts

10. TCS –

TCS is one of the most sought-after companies in India by most professionals. It is an excellent place to work and make a career.


Top Recruiting Areas

Finance is such a vast and successful field that PGDM in finance graduates can choose from several industries to make a career in. So, if you have a preference for working numbers and software or you like meeting people and giving financial advice, you can choose accordingly. Here are the most popular industries that recruit PGDM in finance graduates.

1. Financial Services –

India is going to be one of the biggest private wealth countries, and this is going to boost the financial services industry which will have a high growth rate. Mid-level companies will go on to become big, and newer companies will also emerge.

2. Banks –

Banks have evolved from merely offering loan services. Large banks now offer financial and investment services as well. Banks also finance ventures. They need PGDM in finance graduates for the expansion of these services.

3. Insurance –

The insurance industry in India is still to reach its full potential. And with them also offering financial services like mutual funds along with insurance, they too hire the PGDM in finance graduates for their increasing service portfolio.

4. IT –

IT companies indulge in a lot of mergers and acquisitions. They also have a lot of capital to deal with. This is where the need for PGDM in finance graduates comes in. They expertly manage the vast finances of IT companies.

5. Taxation –

The taxation industry needs expert help, and now, many taxation services companies have emerged that have been started by and managed by PGDM in finance and other finance-related degree holders.


Closing Thoughts

A PGDM in finance is a degree that is complete value for your time and money. You are going to make ten-folds on the money that you invest as fees, and you are going to have a great career in the many wonderful companies mentioned above. Therefore, if you have made up your mind to pursue PGDM in finance, you have made a good decision that is going to give you career and financial satisfaction.

If you still want to know more about PGDM in finance, you can connect with ASM IBMRs counsellors. They will be happy to help you. ASMs IBMR is one of the finest colleges in the country for PGDM in finance, and along with that, they also offer PGDM in Logistics & Supply Chain Management together as a part of the dual PGDM program. Why have just one specialization when you can do two. Get in touch today to know more.

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