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Top Reasons to Choose MBA/PGDM in Machine Learning

Why Choose MBA/PGDM in Machine Learning

MBA & PGDM in Machine Learning – Overview

Just as a human learns through experience, computer algorithms also learn and evolve through experience. This is called machine learning (ML) and it’s going to be a game-changer in technology. Machine learning is going to improve the tech aspects humans use in everyday lives, and it also has many business applications that will improve business. To be a part of this revolution, you need an MBA or PGDM in machine learning.

An MBA or PGDM in machine learning will help make a strong career in this fast-growing industry. The course will teach you all the technical aspects like creating code and algorithms, graphical and deployments models, and deep learning and reinforcement learning. This will help you create intelligent solutions. The course will also help you market your intelligent solutions, and teach you the business aspect of machine learning.

So, if you are considering doing an MBA or PGDM in machine learning, you are on the right track. But before you finalise, you need to know about all the reasons you should do MBA or PGDM in machine learning, so know about the advantages of these courses.


Why Choose MBA or PGDM in Machine Learning

Its always important to know why to choose a course. Post-graduation courses decide your future career. You are going to invest a significant amount of time and money, so you have to know everything about the MBA or PGDM in machine learning and the advantages it brings.


1. Upcoming Subject

Machine learning is one of the fastest growing industries, not just in the country, but in the world. The IT industry in India is fuelling the growth of AI and ML in the country. With an impressive annual growth rate of 44%, ML is going to be worth $8.8 billion by the year 2022. The industry is going to need many MBA or PGDM in machine learning graduates to maintain the growth and development of this industry.

ML is revolutionising many industries. One best example is the use of ML for developing a COVID-19 vaccine that will be effective for most human beings. Since all the current vaccines wont be able to be effective for everyone. Scientists at MIT developed a vaccine using machine learning that will cover most humans. This vaccine is in the animal trials stage. This is the power of ML and it is going to be a major subject of interest.

You can read about this machine learning accomplishment here.


2. Technology-Driven

ML is completely technology-driven and technology is the future of business. Since it is a part of technology, ML is only going to get better with time. Today, there are many applications to ML, and in the future, humanity is going to find many other uses for ML. It will be the main technology that will improve the quality of human life.

Today, there are barely any businesses that have not been improved by technology. This technology has been engineering, but this same technology in the future is going to be AI and ML. These technologies are great at processing vast amounts of data that will give us deeper insights into making the right improvements.


3. Different Careers

The problem with many postgraduate courses is that they open doors to only a few good careers. They are the usual jobs that dont appeal to the modern student. However, with an MBA or PGDM in machine learning, you are going to get many career choices. Along with being different and creative, these careers also bring in a handsome salary package.

In the MBA or PGDM in machine learning courses, the subjects are divided in such a way that they teach students the technical aspects and the business aspects of the course. So, you can choose specialisations subjects that will either get you a career in the technical side of the management side of the business. There are many careers on both sides.


4. Challenging

Students want challenging careers. Gone are the days when students would try for cushy jobs that would pay more and the work would be less. Today, students want jobs that pay well, but they also want jobs where they will face challenges and have personal growth. They want jobs where they will learn new things and even pick up new skills. Most careers in ML allow that.

Challenging careers keep you sharp and productive. They help you grow personally and professionally. They also give a sense of achievement and satisfaction that you wont get in any other career.


5. International Appeal

Though India is going to be the hub for ML, there is also going to be a huge demand for talent at the international level. Western countries are ahead of other countries when it comes to the incorporation of ML. Many Western universities also have strong courses for ML. But there arent too many students who are inclined towards technical education.

In India, technical education has always been the backbone of the education system. Therefore, many multinational corporations look for talent in India. With an MBA or PGDM in machine learning, youll be one of the prime candidates for a job overseas. Plus, if you do your course from the right institute, you will stand a chance to apply for overseas jobs.


Is Machine Learning A Good Career Option?

Today, companies and recruiters are looking for more than just management degrees. With an MBA or PGDM in machine learning, you have technical education along with management education, making you a more employable professional. Therefore, machine learning is one of the best career options today.

Here are some more facts that make machine learning a good career option:-

  • By the year 2021, machine learning is going to create 2.3 million jobs.
  • Recruiters actively look for candidates with education in ML
  • 40% of the top companies in the world are adding jobs due to ML and AI.
  • Top executives will need to have ML and AI knowledge.
  • Machine learning is already playing a huge part in the fight against COVID-19.


An MBA or PGDM in machine learning has many benefits and one of the best postgraduate courses you can do to have a successful career. Machine learning is the future of business and technology, and now is the right time to gain expertise in the subject. So, start looking for the best MBA or PGDM in machine learning, and grab your admission at the earliest.

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