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Why Choose MBA or PGDM in Big Data & Data Science?

Why MBA or PGDM in Big Data & Data Science

MBA & PGDM in Big Data & Data Science – Overview

You probably have heard of big data and data science numerous times. But these are not some topics that are going to disappear in a few years. These subjects are the future and you should consider studying them if you want to have a successful and high-paying career. To get the best education in big data and data science, think of doing the MBA/PGDM in big data & data science.

In the MBA/PGDM in big data & data science courses, you will learn all about all the various aspects of these two disciplines and the careers you can pursue. The advantage you get with an MBA or PGDM is that along with the technological aspects of the subjects, you also learn the business management side of it. You learn the business applications of big data and data science, and how you can use them to make better products, services, and quality of life for the general public.

In the following blog, you are going to learn all the reasons and benefits of choosing an MBA/PGDM in big data & data science over other courses. You will learn of its potential and the kind of careers you can make with the courses. One thing is for sure, an MBA/PGDM in big data & data science is one the best postgraduate courses right now.


Why MBA or PGDM in Big Data & Data Science?

You need to always have strong reasons to pursue any postgraduate courses. These reasons help you judge the potential of the course, and lets you know whether it is the course for you. The following are the reasons to choose MBA/PGDM in big data & data science over other courses:-


1. Future Scope

Big data refers to the torrents of digital data that is generated by people users. Along with a single user, big data also includes data generated by companies, groups, and institutions. Data science is the scientific approach to making sense of this data. We live in a world dominated by data, and every industry requires the sound science of big data & data science to retain customers, get new customers, retain old customers, and improve business.

Businesses have begun heavily investing in big data & data science. Top 75% users of the Internet of Things (IoT) people think big data & data science experts are the most sought-after, and 68% of them feel they are hard to find. This demand is only going to grow with more digitisation of business in the country. According to LinkedIn, in the last 3 years, hiring for data science has grown by an impressive 37%. Of all the future subjects, big data & data science has the most scope for growth.


2. Great Careers

This is the most important factor students consider before choosing a postgraduate course – the potential careers you have in front of you. From data scientists to data analytics managers, many great and varied careers become available to you with an MBA/PGDM in big data & data science.

Forget the usual jobs, you have careers like data scientist, business intelligence manager, data architect, business analyst specialist, data visualisation developer, and big data engineer. Just by the sound of them, you know these careers are important and different from the usual boring careers.


3. Develop Skills & Knowledge

An MBA/PGDM in big data & data science is a skill and knowledge-based course. Throughout the course, you will learn many new things and develop skills that you may not have known were in you. These courses have been developed by the best academicians and professionals of the industry and will help you become an expert in the subjects of big data & data science.

What you learn in MBA/PGDM in big data & data science courses will also help you in other aspects of your career and personal life. These are wholesome courses that test your theoretical knowledge and practical application skills. So, by the end of the course, you become a professional that is head and shoulders above others.


4. Highest Salaries

In the USA, big data & data science professionals are some of the highest-paid professionals. In India too, these professionals are in high demand by recruiters and are paid some of the highest starting salaries in the country. These professionals find jobs in bug IT companies or data analytics companies. These companies are known to provide excellent benefits as well.

Though the salaries are different from profession to profession, in the big data & data science industry, you can look at an average salary that ranges from INR 4 lakhs to 12 lakhs. This range is one of the best in the industry, and one of the biggest reasons why many students are choosing to do MBA/PGDM in big data & data science.


5. Challenging

There is no place for boredom in an MBA/PGDM in big data & data science courses. Even after you are done with the course, and are working professionally, you will find this industry to be one of the most exciting. Theres a misconception that research and analysis are boring. These things are the reasons for widespread development in everything.

You will be working with the latest technology to conduct research and analysis. You will be making visually attractive and informative reports and presentations. You will also be developing data sets and research models that take a lot of knowledge and skills. You will be in a profession that is challenging but also makes a huge difference to the industry and society.


Is Big Data & Data Science A Good Career Option?

Yes, big data & data science is a good career option. This industry is on the up and will continue to do so. Big data gives us insight, and data science gives us the means to understand this insight and make decisions based on it. Big data & data science together lets us see the future, making them indispensable.

Here are some more facts that will convince you that big data & data science is a good career option:

  • The big data market alone will be worth $62 billion in 2025.
  • Companies that incorporate big data & data science will make $1.8 trillion revenue more than companies that dont leverage big data & data science.
  • In 2019, businesses spent $188 billion on big data & data science. The spending is only going to increase in the coming years.
  • More than 15 million jobs have been created thanks to big data & data science since 2012.
  • 95% of businesses want to leverage big data & data science to collate and manage their raw data to get important insights.

There are so many advantages to doing an MBA/PGDM in big data & data science that you should not even contemplate too much if you are considering this course for your post-graduation. Start searching for a good institute and course, and enrol yourself at the earliest to get on the fast track towards a successful career.

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