MBA In Marketing Management All You Need To Know About It
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January 22, 2019
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Study MBA In Marketing Management: All You Need To Know About It

For a moment, think of yourself as a company who has a product or an innovative idea. But you can only succeed if you have the audience response to hit the ground running. AMarketing is the bridge that connects these two distinct things. In simpler terms, Marketing is systematically communicating your value to people who can buy it.

Traditional marketing depended on newspapers, media and radio channels. But as the world around us changed and became digital, even the marketing switched to the digital age. But has it shifted completely into digital?

Well, the answer is yes and no both. Things are available online but people still read newspapers, and products still make their videos to market it. Means and methods have changed but the essence is still the same.

Any product is half dead without marketing.

So if you are looking for a career where demand exceeds supply, and your skills can command an excellent salary, take a look at our course.

MBA in Marketing Management: Still Hot

MBA in marketing was a good choice and now it is even better because the market has expanded. Surely, the methods have changed in the market but the fundamentals will remain the same for good.
Marketing management is the process of developing strategies and planning for product or services, advertising, promotions, sales to reach desired customer segment. Economics and Competitive analysis go together a long way to create a unique and intriguing Marketing Strategy.
Though there are multiple courses on marketing, such as diploma and other bachelor courses, an MBA prepares you for this fast-paced world. The course offers a deep and sound curriculum which has best practices from the old and sharper tricks of the new.

Career Opportunities After Marketing Management

No matter what the economy faces, the companies and products will need marketing. Either to survive or to perform better. People who have a quirk for building sales and marketing strategies and generating new ideas are always in high demand to solve problems. The opportunities after a specialized degree such as MBA in Marketing Management are ample. Some of the job roles are named as follows:

1. Market Research Analyst

2. Advertising Manager

3. Brand Manager

4. Media Buyer

5. Meeting/ Convention/ Event Planner

6. Chief Marketing Officer

7. Promotions Manager

8. Digital Marketing Manager

Scope after Marketing Management

Almost all organizations need to emphasize on marketing to achieve a strong foothold among competitors. And while marketing is a popular graduate career, making an entry is extremely competitive. However, there are many paths you can follow with your marketing degree. –

1. Marketing Management

2. Brand Management

3. Asset Management

4. Corporate Sales

5. Market Research

6. Sales Management

7. Media Planning

8. Product Management

9. Digital Marketing

10. Promotional Campaigns

 To Conclude:

A rounded MBA course will help you hone your problems solving skills. Also you will look at the case-studies from up close and come-up with strategies to tackle them better. You will also learn how to confront difficult situations, and adapt to change in diverse organizational cultures and develop your leadership skills.

ASM’s IBMR does this and more through our specialized ASM EDGE and top industry certifications like Business Analytics by IBM, user modules by SAP, etc. Also, ASM is the first management institute in India to offer HBX CORe program by Harvard Business School.

Curious how MBA in Marketing Management from ASM’s IBMR can help you get your dream job? Place an inquiry today for free counseling or call us today at 9422009207 /09/10/12 or place an inquiry for counseling at /

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