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Top 10 Data Analytics Companies in World

Top 10 Data Analytics Companies in World

Data analytics is the future of business. It is making its way into business and changing the dynamics of business decisions. To simply put it, analytics is collections and study of data to derive meaningful, understandable patterns that let you see into the past, present, and future of the subject of the study. And since analytics are so accurate, they have been applied in business, resulting in the emergence of business analytics.

Today, there are professional business analytics companies that offer their services to businesses around the world. These companies make use of the latest tools and software run by professional analytics experts to provide a wide variety of insightful reports based on which important business decisions can be taken. These companies have a worth of multi-million dollars and are excellent companies to work for. These companies and the number of companies providing business analytics services are set to grow a lot in the coming years.


Best Data or Business Analytics Companies

The following are the biggest companies in data and business analytics. Some of them are purely into analytics, while some of the bigger companies have business analytics as an important part of their business ecosystem. These companies will make up the future of business analytic.

Here are top 10 Business Analytics Companies in World to Work for:

1. SAP

SAP is a company started by former employees of IBM. The main business of the company is providing enterprise solutions, but business analytics software is also a big part of the services they provide.

SAP is one of the biggest providers of business analytics services in the world. Their analytics services are aimed at sales & marketing, human resources, finance, and operations.

– Foundation Year – 1972

– Employee Strength – 96,500

– Locations – Germany with offices spread across the world.

– Core Services – Enterprise Software, Business Analytics & Cloud Capabilities

– Website –


2. Salesforce

Considered to be one of the best companies to work for, Salesforce is truly a force to reckon in the customer relationship management industry. Today, the company has many offices all over the world. They also provide business analytics software services.

Salesforces analytics is known as Einstein Analytics and uses AI to make an analysis. This analytics software also incorporates data that is not generated inside the Salesforce ecosystem, making it a popular choice.

– Foundation Year – 1999

– Employee Strength – 35,000

– Locations – the USA with offices spread worldwide.

– Core Services – CRM & Business Analytics

– Website –


3. Tableau

With revenue that is expected to cross $1 billion in the coming years, Tableau is market leader despite being a small company. Owing to its focus on business analytics, it was recently purchased by Salesforce. However, the company still functions as independent and enjoys the push given by being associated with Salesforce.

Tableau provides analytics in the best visual formats, and the latest version of Tableau provides highly scalable data vector maps.

– Foundation Year – 2003

– Employee Strength – 4,181

– Locations – USA

– Core Services – Business Analytics Software & Tools

– Website –


4. Qlik

Qlik is another data analytics service provider that is solely focussed on business intelligence and analytics software, tools and services. The company was originally founded in Sweden but has now moved base to the USA in the state of Pennsylvania.

Their previous software, QlikView provided an advantage, which was that the data and sources were not dependent on query-based models. Their new product, QlikSense, incorporates the use of AI and functions more like a service than a product.

– Foundation Year – 1993

– Employee Strength – 2500 to 3000

– Locations: USA

– Core Services – Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

– Website –


5. Mu Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma Analytics is one of the best companies for analytics as their analytics incorporate an equal amount of human intelligence. Rather than giving all the power to the software or tool, it gives the user the power to make use of the tool to the best of their abilities.

Mu Sigma has built quite a reputation in a short while thanks to their excellent services. They also provide professional management services. These services are also based on their analytics software and tools.

– Company Overview 2 short para

– Foundation Year – 2004

– Employee Strength – 3500 to 4000

– Locations: USA

– Core Services – Management Consulting & Data Analytics

– Website –


6. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is one of the most globally widespread analytics companies in the world with offices in all the major metropolitan cities of the world. They provide their analytics services to a wide variety of industries like healthcare, hospitality, technology, etc.

Fractal Analysis also has two other subsidiaries and Both of these companies are AI-based companies that provide services.

– Foundation Year – 2000

– Employees Strength – 1200 to 1500

– Locations – USA with offices in UK and India

– Core Services – Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics

– Website –


7. Manthan

Manthans analytics solutions leverage the advantages of AI and Big Data. Their analytics solutions are quite popular in the retail industry. They are one of the fastest rising Indian companies in the world. Their AI is completely cloud-based, making it easily deployable.

Based in Bangalore, the company was started by Atul Jalan, and it has gone on to win many awards and accolades. Owing to its amazing performance, Manthan has become an important collaborator.

– Foundation Year – 2003

– Employee Strength – More than 500

– Locations – India

– Core Services – Business Intelligence & Analytics

– Website –


8. Oracle

Probably one of the biggest software companies in the world, Oracle has been around for decades and is one of the most prolific companies in the world. Though the company has countless IT and software services, it’s business analytics solutions have also taken off and are capturing the market.

One of the biggest reasons their analytics software has become so popular is because it incorporates machine learning and can be easily collaborating into various, existing ecosystems. It is predicted to be one of the biggest analytics in the coming years.

– Foundation Year 1977

– Employees – 137,000

– Locations: USA

– Core Services – Database Solutions & Analytics

– Website –


9. Tiger Analytics

Providing a wide variety of analytics services like marketing analytics, customer analytics, risk analytics, and operations & planning, Tiger Analytics is one of the leading analytics companies in the world. They count names like CISCO, Intel, PayPal, and American Express amongst their clientele.

Though relatively small in size, the company has managed to make itself be counted among some of the biggest analytics companies and has given tough competition even to the biggest names in the industry.

– Foundation Year – 2011

– Employees – 250

– Locations: USA

– Core Services – Analytics Consultant

– Website –


10. Alteryx

One of the main things that make Alteryx such a popular name in data analytics is that their analytics service and platform is divided into different parts, based on the service a client would want. These can also be combined together to scale its provision and delivery.

Alteryx has a revenue closing in on $500 million and is expected to grow quite a lot. It also has a presence all over the world, and its employee strength is also growing. They began with the name SRC and Alteryx was the name of the product. But, they took on the product name as the company name

– Foundation Year – 1997

– Employee Strength – 1300

– Locations: USA

– Core Services – Data Science & Analytics

– Website –




All the above-mentioned companies are taking analytics to the next level. These companies are growing and expanding all over the world. They will be creating thousands of jobs, so now is one of the best times to get an education in analytics, big data and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence-based analytics companies are coming to the fore, and businesses are going to become bigger and better with smarter decision-making. Big data too plays an important part in the growth of analytics and is a subject for the future.

As a student, if you are interested in business analytics, you can seriously think about getting a formal education in the subject. At ASMs IBMR, you can learn about business analytics and big data in our dual PGDM course. This amazing course will put you on a path towards a great career in the future industries of business analytics and big data. Get in touch with our counsellors today to know more.

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