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MBA Vs. M. Com: Which is Better?

MBA Vs. M. Com: Which is Better

About MBA Vs M. Com Courses

After completing the B. Com degree course, the two most common choices students have is to either pursue an MBA or an M. Com. Now, both courses have their advantages and rather than going for which one is popular, students should know what they want from their postgraduate education and choose accordingly.

The MBA and M. Com are exceptional courses and can lead to some good careers. Both postgraduate courses are worth considering if you want to continue studying after your B. Com. In the following blog, theres a detailed comparison between both the courses that will help you decide which one is the course for you.


What is an MBA All About?

The MBA degree course is a 2-year masters course in business administration. This course makes you eligible to work in a managerial position in the industry of your choice. It is one of the most popular postgraduate courses in the country. One of the biggest reasons why students choose an MBA is because students get to learn about all the aspects involved in running a business.

To know more about the MBA degree course, you can check out the All You Need to Know About the MBA blog.


What is an M. Com All About?

The M. Com is the masters version of the B. Com degree. In this 2-year degree course, you build upon the knowledge gained during your graduation. M. Com also makes you eligible to get good careers in most industries. Many students also opt for this degree owing to the ease of finding a good institute and university for the course, the value it brings, and the career doors it opens up.


MBA Vs M Com Course Highlights

The following highlight of MBA vs M. Com will help you make a quick comparison of both the degree and the similarities and the differentiating factors.

Parameters MBA M. Com
Full-Form Master of Business Administration Master of Commerce
Level Postgraduate Postgraduate
Duration 2 years 2 years
Fees INR 10 lakhs – INR 20 lakhs INR 60K – INR 2 lakhs
Eligibility Any Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree in Commerce
Examination Pattern Semester Semester
Admission Process Entrance Exam-based Merit-based or Entrance Exam-based
Average Salary INR 5 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs INR 3 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs


MBA Vs M Com Comparison Based on Different Aspects

Knowing about the differentiating factors will help you get a clearer picture regarding MBA vs M. Com. The following aspects of both degrees have some big differences that will help you decide which is the right course for you.

So, here is the MBA vs M. Com comparison based on different aspects:

1. MBA Vs M Com: Specializations

MBA specializations – During the MBA course, you will have to choose from specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Business Analytics, Logistics & Supply Chain, and International Business. All these specializations relate to different areas of a business. You make a career in the specialization you choose.

M. Com specializations – The M. Com degree course has specializations like Taxation, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, Banking & Finance, Computer Application, Marketing, Business Management, and Finance & Control. The specialization you choose will become your career path.


2. MBA Vs M Com: Course Curriculum

The curriculum is different for different specializations, but for sake of reference, the following subjects are what a typical curriculum for both degrees would look like.

Heres what the MBA vs M. Com course curriculum looks like:

MBA Curriculum

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economic Statistics
  • Operations
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Accounting
  • Business Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship

M. Com Curriculum

  • Organisation Theory & Behaviour
  • Financial Management & Policy
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Environment
  • Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Accounting Theory & Practice


3. MBA Vs M Com: Career Scope

The biggest factor students have to consider before choosing any degree course is the career scope. Some degrees have less scope than others and you should know this before you choose.

Here the comparison of MBA vs M. Com career scope:

MBA Career – The MBA degree brings you excellent career scope. MBA graduates are sought-after professionals and are high on the list of recruiters. During the course, along with expert knowledge on all subjects related to business, you also go through a lot of personal developments and are equipped with many soft skills and tech skills. You are given all the tools to succeed in your career. You can even chart your path, start your own business, and become an entrepreneur.

M. Com Career – M. Com graduates get some of the best jobs in the industry. The subjects in this degree will make you a commerce expert and right now, the commerce industry in the country is booming. If you choose to do an M. Com, you wont have trouble finding a job that gets you a decent salary and benefits packages.


4. MBA Vs M Com: Average Salary Range

Salary is an important factor, if not the most important factor to consider while choosing a degree course and career. Therefore, you should carefully consider the following salary ranges.

Here are the prevalent average salary ranges for MBA and M. Com graduates:

MBA Salary Range

  • Entry-Level – INR 2 lakhs
  • Mid-Level – INR 7.6 lakhs
  • Top-Level – INR 10 lakhs

M. Com Salary Range

  • Entry-Level – INR 1.3 lakhs
  • Mid-Level – INR 3.7 lakhs
  • Top-Level – INR 10 lakhs

The given figures are average starting figures. Many other factors affect the salary like the college you do your degree course from, the company you get a job in, and the economic condition of the country.


5. MBA Vs M Com: Technical Skill Set

Today, all degrees require you to have some technical skills that will come into play during the education, and later on in the career. Therefore, you need to assess if your technical match the degrees.

Here is the technical skillset required in MBA and M. Com:

MBA Technical Skill Set

  • Should be proficient in using computers.
  • Should be able to use the latest analytics software.
  • Should have a working knowledge of the latest emerging technologies.
  • Should understand the technical operations in a manufacturing business.

M. Com Technical Skill Set

  • Should be proficient in using computers.
  • Should be able to use accounting, taxation, and finance software.
  • Should be able to use statistical and analytics software.


6. MBA Vs M Com: Personal Skill Set

Personal skills are useful in all parts of your life, more so in your education. These skills will help you do well. You also get to develop them further.

Here is the personal skill set you need for MBA and M Com:

MBA Personal Skill Set

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills

M. Com Personal Skill Set

  • Mathematical skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills


7. MBA Vs M Com: Scope of Job

The MBA degree is going to get you administrative and managerial jobs in the industry you have specialised in. You start at a top position, and even if you dont, you will get promotions faster because of your degree. Recruiters actively look for MBA graduates. The Indian business industry is going through a change where educated professionals are getting their due importance, and an MBA graduate is right at the top of the educated professionals’ list.

The M. Com degree is great if you want to get into good clerical jobs in any industry. Remember, you will in a job where you have to execute all the most important tasks in an organisation. You will be one of the many gears that keep the company machine moving forward. These important jobs are in every industry. Therefore, you can make a good, cushy career in banking, insurance, research, and teaching. With this degree, finding these jobs wont be hard.


8. MBA Vs M Com: Nature of Job

Knowing the nature of the job will let you know what you should expect in the course and the jobs after the course. This further helps you decide what to choose.

Here is the nature of jobs related to MBA and M. Com:

MBA jobs can be a mix of desk work and fieldwork. Since this degree leads to high-level jobs, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with the job. Theres be a time where you will be meeting clients, selling products and services, and taking an active part in the operation. But there will also be times where you will be conducting research, doing analysis, making presentations, and interacting with the management. You go through a lot in a management-related job.

M. Com graduates most end up in desk jobs that rarely have any fieldwork. But what they do is important to the department and company they are working in. The ones working in accounting, taxation, and finance will have important responsibilities. There are also some professions like a teacher, professor, and lecturer where you will have to lead quite an active. But most of the jobs for M Com graduates are not high-pressure jobs, and one makes a good career.


MBA Or M Com: Which Is Better?

Both courses are amazing and serve specific purposes. But the following comparison will make it clear which is the better choice. These parameters are important and will affect your final decision.

1. Cost – Compared to an MBA, an M. Com is a lot more affordable. If you want to do an MBA, you need to have good financial planning.

2. International Value – The MBA degree has international value and can get you a job overseas. But an M. Com degree does not have international value.

3. Value for Money – Though the M. Com is inexpensive compared to the MBA, the MBA has more value for money as you will get a high-paying job right from the start.


MBA is the Clear Winner

The MBA degree course is the better choice as it is the best way to have a great career and keep moving ahead. In a growing country like India, many industries are looking for management professionals who can be at the helm during this growth phase, and bring in many developments and innovations.

The MBA program at ASM IBMR is one of the best in the country. It will get you the finest education and a high-profile career in one of the top companies in the country. So, enquire today. Fill out the form on the website and their representative will contact you with all the required information.



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