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A Parent Guide: 15 College Admissions Tips for Parents

Parent Guide College Admissions Tips for Parents

If you think students are under pressure, just imagine what the parents must be going through. Phone calls, letters, college visits, multiple entrance exams, filling out so many forms and applications, the long wait theres so much to deal with and parents are equally worried, if not more. However, there are a few things they actually can do that will not just to help their kids out, but also relieve them from the stress of admission. These tips are simple to follow and will make a lot of difference in the whole admission process. Therefore, follow these tips if you have a kid that is going through the college admission.

15 Tips For Parents During The College Admissions Process

Todays world is quite different. There’s so much pressure on kids and parents when it comes to college. Parents want to give their kids the best competitive edge and it gets overwhelming for them. So, if you are feeling the same, dont feel bad as most parents share your emotions. Just understand and follow the given tips and everything will fall into place.

Here are a few tips parents can follow during the college admissions process:

1. Dont Pressurize

This is one of the important tips for parents to make the whole process for them and their kids easier – do not pressurize them regarding their admissions. They are also worried about the whole deal, and they dont need the added pressure from you.

Leave them be. The admission will come sooner or later. So, if you also keep your wits about the whole thing and dont nag and pressurize them, they will also keep calm and the admission will come.

2. Dont Take Over

Sometimes, parents get tired of waiting and they take over from their kids. This is wrong, and it could completely shatter their confidence. Yes, teenagers do their thing at their own sweet time, but they do it.

If every time you intervene in their problems, they will never know how to sort things out on their own. Therefore, even for their admission process, do not take charge. Just be there as a guide and confidant. If they do need you, they will ask for help.

3. Talk to Your Children

In the stress of it all, the biggest thing that gets hampered is communication. You have to talk to the kids. This doesnt mean that you constantly ask them how they are feeling. Just let them know you are there if they want to talk.

In situations of college admission stress, it is better to communicate with your kids, but do it at their pace. They will open up to you and you can solve everything through discussion.

4. Campus Visits

Do campus tours with your kids. It is always better to look at potential colleges to see if you and kid like it. After all, they are going to be spending a few years going there. Plus, you will also have peace of mind knowing about the college.

You can talk to the seniors, faculty members, and support staff on how the college is. Colleges also have counsellors who can guide you well.

5. Dont Push Your Choices

This is one of the most common mistakes parents do with their kids. They push their own college choices on them. Parents, imagine having to go to a place you dont want to. So, dont force your choice on your kids.

Todays kids are smart and they know what they want to do in life, and from where they want their education. Therefore, show confidence in them and trust their choice.

6. Dont Compare

Sadly, many parents make comparisons with other kids and it hurts the confidence of their kid. So, if your neighbour kid has gotten admission in a good college that does not mean you have constantly reminded your kid about it.

Your kid will also get admission to a good college and do well in life. Dont set other kids life as a measuring standard. Everyone is different and success comes at its own pace.

7. Know the Processes

If you are getting antsy about college admissions, knowing the whole process will calm you down and help you think. Different colleges have different processes, so you can research and know about them.

This way, even your kids will happily come to you for guidance when they are stuck with the process. You can find out about the processes online, or on the college’s website or by talking to their counsellors.

8. Be Ready Financially

Colleges are getting expensive by the day, so you have to be prepared to pay the college fees. Make sure you already have all the money required, so you dont have to scramble around at the very last moment.

Kids can understand if the parents dont have enough money for a particular college, but it is certainly heartbreaking if they arent able to go to a good college because of financial issues. So, be ready.

9. Be Ready to Help

Your kids can ask for help anytime, so you have to be ready to help out. Most of the time, they will show you that everything is under control, but will suddenly surprise you by asking for help.

Thats how teenagers are. Remember this, when they ask for help that means they are in a jam and dont know what to do. Whatever admission related help they need, give it to them.

10. Dont Do Anything Illegal

The saying desperate times call for desperate measures should be ignored in the case of college admissions. Parents want what is best for their kids and in this emotion, many of them also look into illegal means to get admissions.

There are too many cases of parents getting duped out of money, or getting entangled in illegal activities that hamper their kids’ chances of admission. So, dont get desperate and do something you and your kids will regret. Colleges dont allow admissions through any illegal means.

11. Search Online

Regarding the whole admission process, how to go about it, and how to cope with it, you will find a lot of help online. Make use this to your advantage. You will be able to guide your kid well.

There are websites, articles, blogs and parents forums. Parents forums are an excellent place to get help from fellow parents who have been through college admissions before.

12. Enquire with Friends & Family

One of the best places to find help for college admission is your friends and family. Whatever issue you are facing, they will guide you well. They can even be mediators if you are having friction with your kid.

Friends and family members can help you get in touch with the right people, or provide guidance or even just a sympathetic ear. They can help through the process.

13. Take Professional Help

Did you know there are professional college admission counsellors? And if such professionals do exist, why not take their help. College admission counsellors are the best people to speak to. They will guide you perfectly.

From various application processes to counselling you and your kid, they do it all and make your life easy. Of course, they charge a certain fee but are completely worth it. Colleges also have in-house college admission counsellors who do not charge a fee.

14. Dont Get Too Emotional

College is such an important part of your kids life. They are stepping out in the world to embark on a journey that is going to make their life and career. It is understandable for parents to get emotional. However, dont get too emotional. It ruins the kids excitement.

Many times, the kids have to move to a completely different city, so do not make it hard for them by getting too clingy or being emotional and irrational. All will be fine.

14. Be Patient

Good things happen in their own time. You have to learn to be patient. If kids look up to you and if you show impatience regarding their admission, they will also mirror your behaviour, and will get disheartened. For their sake, be patient.

Your kid will surely get admission in a good college and will make a great career. You just have to be positive and patient about it. This is also good for you and kids mental health.

Final Thoughts for Parents

The biggest and the best thing you can do as a parent during college admissions is to stay positive. When your kid sees you being positive and happy, they also become positive and happy. Colleges are always looking for well-rounded, happy and positive students, so this will work in their advantage. And of course, more than anything, every parent wants a happy and positive child.

College admission time can be stressful for both the kids and the parents. The important thing is that it has to be dealt with together.

For more guidance on this subject, feel free to get in touch with our counsellors who are experts and will guide you well.

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