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How ASM’s IBMR takes Industry-Institute-Interface to the Next Level

ASM’s Institute of Business Management & Research (IBMR) provides a holistic educational experience to its students. Every activity performed by the students is designed to expose them to real life situations and experiences. This exposure helps the students understand and prepare themselves for their future jobs working in the corporate and industrial sectors.

One of IBMR’s solution-driven offerings is its industry-institute interface. The institute organizes a variety of activities for the students to get first-hand information about today’s corporate and industrial markets.

Learning from and Saluting the Stalwarts

Over the years, ASM’s IBMR has created and maintained strong corporate relations with many leading companies from various sectors. Many high-ranking members of these organizations are invited by ASM to visit the college to speak to the students. Some of the leading names in India who have visited and interacted with the students include:

  • Mukesh Ambani
  • Leela Poonawala
  • Pramod Chaudhary
  • Arun Firodia
  • Farhad Forbes
  • Ganesh Natarajan
  • Dr. Narendra Jadhav

These and other great leaders share their personal insights about starting and handling a business, dealing with crises, and coming up with innovative solutions that can add to the company’s success. They also speak to the students about the various methods implemented to help employees grow with the company.

As a token of the institute’s appreciation, and paying homage to such individuals, IBMR also created a special award known as the Super Achievers Awards. These are presented to stalwarts in the corporate and industrial sectors for their excellent personal efforts, and motivating others to follow in their footsteps.

First-hand Exposure to Industry Solutions

ASM’s IBMR also organizes a variety of local, national, and international tours for its students. They visit companies and institutions operating in a variety of sectors, ranging from medical and food processing, to music, breweries, and education. These tours give the students opportunities to interact with the company staff, understand the various manufacturing and managerial processes, while getting an overall feel of the local culture. They also interact with academicians and consultants during these tours. The students discuss real-life case studies with the professionals, draw practical solutions and conclusions, which they can use in their future work.


Creating a Platform for Practical Dialogue

ASM’s IBMR has also made creative efforts to strengthen the institute’s relations and interactions with industries. The institute wanted to organize an event that would create a dialogue between students, faculty members, corporates, and industry executives. One ingenious solution was to create a competition featuring live industry examples. This resulted in the case study competition – Mindscape.

The Mindscape Competition comprises industry teams that prepare case study presentations, which analyze various business management areas. The competition focuses on fields such as operations, marketing, finance, and human resources. The best part is, the competition is ‘student centric’ as in the entire event is organized by the ASM IBMR students. The competition is an immense opportunity for the students to utilize and strengthen their management, communication, and organizational skills.

These immense efforts by ASM’s IBMR ensure that their students will be prepared to face and efficiently solve the various challenges of industries and corporate companies around the country.

ASM's Institute of Business Management & Research, Pune was established in 1983. It is affiliated to University of Pune. It is a prominent institute for higher education in the state of Maharashtra.