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How To Choose MBA College In India?

How to Choose MBA College in India

When it comes to choosing the right MBA college in India, only one word comes to mind – chaos. There is no clear standard or process set by the government, like in the case of high schools and undergrad colleges. Adding to the chaos is the plethora of B-schools that seem to crop up each year. There are vested interests also at play as there are different magazines and newspaper articles with facts, figures and guidance that are poles apart. Therefore, you have to be extra careful while selecting an MBA college in India. There are a few parameters that will help you find the right college. Just make sure you adhere to them, and you will be heading in the right direction.

12 Parameters to Choose Right MBA College in India

Though there may not be clear guidelines or rules and regulation for choosing an MBA college, there are certain parameters that you can measure an MBA college against. This will give you a clear picture on which is the right college for you or at least help you narrow down the choices.

Here is 12 step guide to find the right MBA college for your career:

1. Your Career Plan

First and foremost, know what your career plan is and what you want from your MBA college. Take stock of your career goals, and what you want to do, and you will get a clear picture of which college might be right for you. For example, if there is a particular specialization you want to do, you have to choose a college that provides that specialization.

2. Make a List

Now that you know your career plan, make a list of MBA colleges that fit into this plan. Your choice should matter a lot, so make a list of colleges that you prefer more over others. This will help you considerably narrow down your choices.

3. Colleges Accreditation

This is the most important parameter. The college you are applying to should have accreditation from AICTE and AIU. You can go to the official websites of AICTE and AIU, and check if the college has been listed. MBA degrees from colleges that do not have accreditation do not have value in the market. And as you know, MBA college fees are not cheap. So, look for accredited colleges to get an excellent education and a valid degree.

4. Faculty

Take a close look at the faculty teaching at the college. You should look for a balance of experience and youth. You can also look for reviews about the faculty, or ask any of the former students. The best MBA colleges are considered so to be because they have excellent faculty members. Great faculty results in students who do well in the professional world.

5. Pedagogy & Curriculum

Modern teaching methods are so much more different. The days of just learning theory are gone. The best MBA colleges in the country have pedagogies and curriculum of international standards. So looks for innovative curriculum and teaching methods that go beyond just theory. There should be a practical application, group discussions, self-evaluation, real-time problem solving, interactions with industry experts and more. So, look for this while looking for an MBA college.

6. Additional Relevant Certifications & Programs

Look beyond a mere MBA degree. The best MBA colleges know how to give their students a competitive edge. Therefore, along with their specializations, they also offer additional courses and internationally relevant certification programs. These courses make you a desirable candidate for the best companies and increase your chances of getting a higher salary offer.

7. Infrastructure

Good infrastructure is a key marker for a good MBA college. So, if you have shortlisted a few colleges, make sure you do a campus visit. In Western and a few Eastern countries, students take the trouble of visiting every college they have applied to. You do the same. Visit and check out the infrastructure. You are going to be spending two important years of your life here, so make sure the infrastructure is good.

8. Legacy of the College

Many MBA colleges have been around for decades. This wouldnt have happened if these colleges werent good. You should look at the legacy of the college before deciding on admission. You can also look at other affiliated colleges and institutions started by the management of the MBA college. If these also have a good reputation then you should consider the college for admission.

9. Placement Record

Rarely would you find an MBA college that doesnt claim 100% placements. But how many bother to check if its true, and what kind of companies hired the students of the college. Remember, the best companies go only to the best MBA colleges. Therefore, enquire and see which companies are regulars at the campus placement drives, and the kind of salaries that are on offer.

10. Alumni

Former students are the best people to give honest feedback. You can track them through alumni associations, or social media groups of the college. Most of them are helpful and will give you an honest account of their experiences in college. You can also ask about placements, education, faculty, and starting salaries among other things.

11. International Exposure

We are living in a globalised world, so your MBA education cannot just be localised. Look for an MBA college that also provides you international exposure through an international standard curriculum, overseas internship and placement opportunities, and student exchange programs. Look for international affiliations and associations with reputed universities or institutes.

12. Location

If the college is located on a sprawling campus in a metro city, the chances of it being an excellent MBA college increase substantially. Some of the finest MBA colleges in the country are located in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. Only the best MBA colleges can afford to operate from such cities. Prominent education hubs like Indore and Pune also have reputed MBA colleges.


Final Thoughts

Follow the above-mentioned advice, and you will know which MBA college you are destined for. MBA degrees cost a lot of time and money, so make sure you in the right place that will put you on the path to success. To know more, get in touch with our counsellors who will expertly guide on all things related to an MBA.

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