How to Prepare for MAH CET 2020 | MAH CET Preparation Tips
MAH-CET 2020: Application Form, Dates, Eligibility, Preparation Tips & More
A Guide MAH-CET 2020: Application Form, Dates, Eligibility, Preparation Tips & More!
December 23, 2019
Must Have MH-CET Preparation Books for 2020
Preparing For MAH-CET Exam? Must Have MAH-CET Preparation Books In 2020
January 1, 2020

Top 20 MAH-CET Preparation Tips: How to Prepare for MAH CET Exam 2020

MAH CET EXAM 2020 Preparation

MAH CET EXAM 2020 Preparation

With the date for MAH CET being set for the 14th of March tentatively, there is not much time left for preparation. If you think there is still enough time, you may be wrong. The MAH CET is one of the toughest competitive entrance exams with a high difficulty level. You should have begun preparing well in advance. However, there are still many tips and tricks for preparation that will help, not just prepare, but even make up for the lost time.


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There are many usable tips & tricks, but you have to choose the ones that you can actually apply. Only then will you be able to implement them and take advantage. These tips & tricks will help you crack the MAH CET and get admission in the institute of your choice. Therefore, read up on them and start preparing.


How to Prepare for MAH CET EXAM 2020

MAH CET is a difficult but important exam. Maharashtra is one of the best states in the country to study management because of the quality of the institutes and the job opportunities that await students. So, you have to do well in the MAH CET.

Here are the top 20 MAH CET preparation tips to prepare that will help you do well in your MAH CET 2020 exam.

1. Make a Plan

Many students just go into the exam hall and start answering questions. Theres no plan or pattern to follow, and they end up not doing their best. However, if you have a good answering plan in place, you have a much better chance of doing well. Make a strategy of how you will approach the exam, and you will be setting your own pace. After all, 200 questions in 2.5 hours are not at all easy. A plan will make it easy.


2. Know Your Syllabus

Of course, every student appearing for the exam knows the syllabus, but do they really know it? Each subject is vastly different and quite important. If you think you can completely ignore a section, and try to make it up in the other sections, you are mistaken. If you want to truly do well, you have to do well in all the subjects for which you have to know your syllabus well.


3. Revision

Once you know your syllabus well, revision is what you have to do. Revise as much as you can. Know all the different types of questions that can come and even look at the various permutations and combinations that might be asked in the exam. Revise as much as you can, so you are confident about MAH CET preparation.


4. Read Books

No, not romance novels and science fiction books, you should read books related to MAH CET preparation. There are many books out there written by experts on how to prepare for MAH CET and other competitive examinations. These books are easily available. You can download some of them for free or even buy them as they are not very expensive. These books can definitely help you with preparation.

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5. Mock Tests

One of the best and most trustworthy ways of preparing for the MAH CET is by doing mock tests. The difficulty levels of these tests are as good as attempting the actual test. You can find mock tests online and there are other institutes as well that conduct mock tests, so be sure to make use of them.


6. Previous MAH CET Exam Questions & Answer Keys

You can easily find the previous years MAH CET questions and their answer keys. Use them to prepare for the upcoming exam. Though the questions are not repeated, only sometimes rarely, the format of the exam and the type of questions will give you a fair idea of the upcoming exam. This will make you feel more confident.


7. Videos

Just like the books, there are also many videos online, especially in the free video uploading platforms like YouTube where you will find videos that guide students in regards to preparation for competitive exams. Some students prefer the visual form of learning rather than reading so this is a great way for them to prepare.


8. Join Online Groups & Forums

There are many groups and forums online created for students who are going to appear for the MAH CET. In these groups, you will come in contact with many fellow students who are going through the same things as you. These groups and forums are also great places to get information, tips, and tricks for preparing for the exam. Its quite easy to find them and join them.


9. Study Group

Make a study group with your friends who are also appearing for MAH CET. You all can study together and do well. After all, the study group has shown to be quite effective. You can solve each others queries and doubts, and share preparation tips and tricks. Together, you can benefit and do well in the exam.


10. Coaching

This is a path most students take. Many of them enrol in coaching classes for competitive exams, hoping to do well in the exam, and many of them do. These coaching institutes are run by highly qualified teachers who also regularly sit for competitive exams. They teach the students from the syllabus and even help them out with online registration.


11. Talk to Experts

Some counsellors help students cope with the stress of such exams and even provide them with guidance on how to do well in the exams. You can also contact the authors of the books on competitive exam preparation. They are available through email or their social media pages, and are more than happy to clear your doubts. However, they are busy people and dont expect to get immediate answers.Be patient.


12. Reach Venue Early

This tip is for the day of the exam. Check out the location of your exam a day before, and on the day of the exam, reach an hour or two earlier. You can spend this time doing some last-minute revision. Last-minute cramming also helps as this information is fresh and easier to remember.


13. Play to Strengths

There will be a subject or section with which you will be quite comfortable. This is your strength and you have to do well in this. Attempt this section first, and make sure you answer all the questions in this section. You are likely to be done with this section earlier, leaving you ample time for the rest of the exam.


14. Work on Weaknesses

Spend more time revising the weaker subjects. MAH CET is an exam where to get good marks you have to do well in all sections. Therefore, you need to work on your weaknesses as well. Even during the exam, leave more time dedicated to the weaker sections.


15. Read Questions Properly

Yes, sadly this has to be pointed out to the students. Granted the exam is long and the questions are too many, but this does not mean you skim through the questions. Many students fail to read the questions properly and end up giving the wrong answer. Therefore, read the questions carefully to be able to solve it correctly.


16. Solve in Mind

In the MAH CET exam, you are not allowed to carry any additional things other than your documents. So, you have to have the ability to solve the questions in the head. Solving them in the head will also save you a lot of time. Of course, since you are giving this exam on a computer, you can use the calculator on the computer, but for other work, you will have to rely on your mind.


17. Take Educated Guesses

MAH CET does not have negative marking. This is a good opportunity for you to score more than you know by taking an educated guess. First, solve everything you know, and in the final minutes, read the questions and mark the likeliest options as correct answers. Use sound logic while taking the guesses and you will most likely get some right.


18. Take a Break

This is one of the most important aspects of preparation, and yet it is the most ignored one. When you are preparing so hard, you have to take a break to relax yourself. A tired mind will lose all the information while a refreshed mind will retain it better. So, go out with your friends or family, take a day off, catch a movie or something, but be sure to give your brain some rest.


19. Show Confidence

Many people, despite having prepared well, are low on confidence, and psyche themselves into not doing well. They are most of the time scared and nervous which affects their performance. Hence, you have to show some confidence in your abilities and you will do well.


20. Stay Positive

Positivity is another thing that will ensure you do well. If you are not positive about your chances during the exam then the above-stated tips and tricks will not help you in any way. A positive frame of mind will ensure you are confident and remember all that you have studied. Be positive and the results will show.


Top Books for MAH CET EXAM Preparation

As mentioned above, books are a great way to prepare for MAH CET. Many renowned authors have written some amazing books based on all the subjects you will face in the exam. These books can be used as a preparation method for most competitive exams, so do not think twice before downloading or buying them. Here are a few excellent books you can use for MAH CET exam preparation.

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The above-given tips & tricks will surely help you, but they also require dedication and hard work from your side. Follow them and do well in your MAH CET exam 2020.

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