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Want To Pursue PGDM In Business Analytics? Discover The Course In-Depth

PGDM in Business Analytics

To understand Business Analytics on a smaller scale, do you know why branded clothes store give offers and sale at specific times for specific locations across the year? The answer is Business Intelligence. Once they figure out the sales of a particular store for a specific period for a particular product is less, they will give sale on the whole product range. Simple. Isn’t it? No, it gets bigger than this.

A decade ago, it was easy to segregate data. Structured and unstructured. But as the data grew, unstructured data grew in size and it became almost impossible to handle it or even to make something out of it, let alone insights. Given the ever-increasing volume of data that businesses have access to today, there is a demand for employees who have computational and analytical skills and who can help inform business decisions to increase efficiency and ultimately build a competitive edge.

Described as ‘The hottest job of the 21st century’, Business Analysts are in high demand.

Let’s see how BIG DATA can bring a BIG impact.

Scope In PGDM In Business Analytics

Data Analytics is no more a filler in organizations now. Big MNCs such as Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM are using business analytics tools to take profitable future decisions. Besides that. These companies are developing courses for some universities for specialization in Business Analytics so that the professionals are industry-ready and the demand can be supplied with. Consultancy, manufacturing, service industries and the public sector are all potential employment areas. Listing a few areas where Analytics is really needed:

  • HR Analytics deals with improving Employee performance and hiring mechanism to get better ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Financial Analytics helps in getting different views of company’s financial data. It can be used to improve the performance of the organization in taking bigger decisions.
  • Marketing Analytics assists with measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to garner best results on the marketing investment.

Career In PGDM In Business Analytics

As the whole Business Analytics domain is getting mainstream, career opportunities are growing more than ever. Plenty of Analytics tools are available to generate insights and help with the analytics such as Microsoft’s Power BI, IBM’s Cognos Analytics, Oracle BI and the most used SAS Enterprise BI, are just to name a few. The career profiles you get to work in after PGDM in Business Analytics are:

  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mining Expert
  • Business Intelligence Expert
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst SAS programmer
  • Big Data Analyst

Industry Exposure

Through industry made curriculum, specially designed for business analytics, the student gets the industry exposure by dealing with real-world data and taking real decisions. Besides, Industry certifications which are quite costly, if pursued from outside and taught first and made part of the PGDM curriculum in colleges.

According to a LinkedIn article, India has at least 1.2 million business analysts and by 2020 India is pegged to have the highest number of business analysts. Thus, with a boost in a demand for Data Scientists and Business Analysts, the job opportunities are more than ever. PGDM in Business Analytics & Big Data in collaboration with IBM program offered by ASM’s IBMR is a course you can count on.

It doesn’t matter what your graduation degree is, as long as you are willing to make a career in Data Analytics. The only thing that will stop you is yourself. Are you interested to know more about the course and how it can shape your future? Place an enquiry at admission@asmedu.org for counseling or give us a call at9422009207/09/10/12.

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