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February 15, 2019
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The Value of PGDM in Todays Job Market in India

Value of PGDM in India

Value of PGDM Course: Is PGDM Degree Worth in India in 2020?

The market is growing at a spectacular rate. Especially the Indian market is becoming skilled- driven rather than just promoting degrees from premier Institutes. With that in mind, PGDM courses are right there with the industry needs. Be it a graduate or an experienced person, a right PGDM degree will help you climb that corporate ladder. Challenging strategic roles and becoming a manager or a senior analyst is what you can expect out of these courses.

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Benefits of PGDM From the Other Usual Courses:

1. Specializations As Per Industry Demands

Specializations in PGDM courses are mostly created out of the need in the industry. Specializations such as Business Analytics The reason why PGDM is booming in India as the professionals are experts not just in HR, Marketing, Sales and Finance but also they understand it from the perspective of an organization.


2. No Clutter of Non- Important Courses

As compared to usual MBA courses, the PGDM courses have the advantage of not creating the curriculum as per the standards defined by the universities. Instead, the autonomous Institutes collaborate with organizations and take their help in creating the curriculum and setting up the labs. Not only that, organizations send experts to teach the students and make them work with real data.


3. Industry Ready Students

With programs being so industry-centric, the students are better prepared for the corporate world. They get good internship opportunities as they are tackling real-life problems during their course itself. Internships later result in permanent jobs into the same organization mostly, or they go for other bigger MNCs.


4. More Employability Chances

Becoming a manager in different domains is a thing of the past. The challenging roles in the market seek students who are trained in specific domains. With PGDM, it is possible to have your postgraduate with fields like Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Enterprise Management.

After PGDM, you can still have a technical role such as data scientist, or an SAP consultant or a Business Analyst. All in all, a PGDM will give you the best of both worlds where you can very well pursue your passion, without any hassle.

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