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June 24, 2019
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What Are The Career Opportunities After PGDM?

Career Opportunities After PGDM

A good PGDM course will help you make your career in the public and private sector both. You very well can be an entrepreneur, consultant or a freelancer.

Thats because the right program will ensure that you are skilled and employable. How you use those skills to make your career in your desired career is up to you.

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Job or Career Opportunities After PGDM

Here are some of the career options that you could pursue after your PGDM:

1. Data Scientist:

It is the most sought out job in the world as of today. A specialized PGDM in Business Analytics will ensure you get your dream job.

2. Consultant:

People who have profound knowledge in the said area tend to become good consultants. Companies like Mckinsey, BCG, Deloitte, PWC, E&Y and many more hire students and pay them really well.

3. Project Manager:

Students in the management program understand resource utilization and allocation. This profile is most sought in the IT industry, where a handy PGDM in Enterprise Management can help you out.

4. Auditor:

An auditor reviews the finance and balance sheets for the company. They are very crucial in helping organizations maintain their balance sheets to avoid complications from the IT department. A PGDM in International Finance will ensure your place in this job and other jobs like:

5. General Accounting:

A general accountant is responsible for making financial statements to valuing stocks and taking.

6. Tax Accounting:

You can become a tax specialist, sales tax specialist and all other profiles related to taxation.

7. CISA:

Certified Information System Auditor looks after the IT governance of that firm.

8. Teaching:

You can also become a faculty in a reputed management college if teaching students is what you really like.

9. Promotion Within Your Company:

If you have joined the PGDM as a lateral, then you can go back to your same company with an upgrade in your current level.

10. Entrepreneurship:

A good PGDM course will prepare you to understand business and all other aspects related to it. If you had an idea which you couldnt see ahead due to domain knowledge constraints, you will be able to mitigate those.

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To put things in perspective, a PGDM will prepare you opportunities in different sectors, depending upon the kind of specialization you apply for. There are some colleges which provide dual specialization too, making you more employment-worthy and more sound technically.

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