What Recruiters Look In Students For Placement
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February 20, 2019
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What Recruiters Look In Students For Placement

When you near the end of your graduation or post graduation, the anticipation to get hired increases. Organizations visit campuses to recruit candidates who fit their job profiles the most.

Different people vouch for different things. Personality, technical skills, attitude, extracurricular activities and so on. The list doesnt end.

Here are the things that recruiters look in students while hiring them:

  1. An attractive resume

A good resume which is properly formatted and tells the truth about you is the one that attracts recruiters. They want to witness what you have written in your resume. It doesnt have to fill with adjectives about your personality but should sum up your professional and curriculum experience.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Your communications skills are very essential for MNCs as they have people working from different cultures and countries.

  1. Attitude

A right attitude goes a long way in working in a team and also taking the ownership of tasks single-handedly. That is why most of the recruiters ask a situation where you solved something on your own.

  1. Certifications

Industry oriented certifications are very essential and they improve your chances of getting hired multi-fold. As industries no longer have to train you in that certified area, they save time and money by hiring a resource who is already skilled.

  1. Projects and Internships

Companies do check your summer internship experience and the projects you did during your college to fathom your skill and dedication level.

  1. Extra-curricular activities

Like it or not, your participation in cultural and sports activities helps them find other parts of your personality.

Recruiters are not looking for machines, they are looking to hire real people with real emotions. Thats why you dont have to try too hard to convince them. Instead, accepting and telling shortcomings helps them gauge that you are willing to learn and improve.

ASMs IBMR heavily focuses on creating industry-driven programs and specializations. The PG programs boast of certifications from Digital Marketing partners, IBM and SAP. The college organizes job fairs and dedicated placement drives for students where they get ample opportunities to get placement offers.

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