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Top 10 Marketing Skills to Learn with an MBA in Marketing

10 Marketing Skills to Learn with an MBA in Marketing

Ask any ambitious student what course they would like to study after graduation, and the most common answer would be MBA in marketing. Students know about the amazing potential of this degree course and the education, skills, and opportunities it brings. The MBA in marketing is a 2-year degree course that will get you a job in the marketing department of any industry.

Marketing is all about branding, advertising, promotions, and sales. The main goal of marketing is to increase the sales of products and services. Successful marketing is directly related to the success of a company. Therefore, this aspect of a business is given a lot of importance, and marketing employees are paid handsomely.

If you are thinking of doing an MBA in marketing, you need to learn and work on a few skills. These skills will help you in your education and career, and help you reach the top careers in marketing. Know more about these skills in the following blog.

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10 Marketing Skills to Learn with an MBA in Marketing

Everybody possesses certain skills which make them suited to a particular course. The great part about these skills is that they can be learned and worked upon as well.

Here are the skills to learn with an MBA in marketing:

1. Communication

The importance of communication cannot be stressed enough. Its not just a professional skill but a life skill to have. As a student in marketing, good communication will ensure you connect with fellow students and teachers, give excellent reports and presentations. In the professional world, youll be able to connect with employees who will be able to communicate their issues, and you can sort them, thus creating good employee relations. Communication skills will also help you create excellent marketing campaigns, develop brands, and establish lines of communication throughout the organisation. This is a skill that needs to be given a lot of importance.


2. Time Management

Submitting work on time, being prepared for exams, meeting tight deadlines, respecting the customers time, being ready with a solution, etc. – all these can be attributed to one important skill – time management. If you can manage your time well, you will be able to control many things. You will have time in your hands which you can utilise to do well in your education and career. Excellent time management will always help you stay ahead of the competition and any problem that may arise. You can always be prepared for anything. So, get disciplined and manage your time well.


3. Leadership

Why does one do a management course? Of course, to be a manager. And to be a good manager, you need to be a good leader. Leadership skills are highly desired in an MBA in marketing graduate. You will be working in one of the most competitive and challenging industries in the world – marketing. Being a good leader will help you stand out. You will be able to handle the employees working under you, and achieve goals that will be beneficial to the company and employees. Leadership skills will also help you influence people in the right way and help them reach their potential.


4. Teamwork

You cannot be a good manager if you cannot work well in a team. All good managers were team players once. Even during the MBA in marketing course, you will be required to work with your fellow students in class projects and assignments. This is where your teamwork skills are first tested. In your career, you will be working in teams trying to achieve a common goal. How you do will chart your next career move. So, if you can connect with others, and work well, your teamwork skills will take you far.


5. Analysis

In the competitive world of marketing, the answer lies in the problem. To spot the answers and a way forward, you need to have great analytical skills. Understanding complex reports, strategies, and research work are all part of the job. Good analytical skills will help you spot problems, patterns, communications, etc. that would otherwise be invisible to others. You can then use your analytical skills to your advantage and devise marketing campaigns to promote products and services, ensuring you become a great marketer. Your analytical skills will also come in handy for using analytics software.


6. Tech Skills

Analytics is the future of most businesses, and it is making a strong presence in marketing as well. You need to be tech-savvy so you can leverage this amazing technology and do well in your career. But this is not all. In marketing, you have to work with a lot of new technological advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital marketing. Digital marketing is the future of all marketing, and you need to be on top of this subject if you want to have a great career.


7. Strategy

One of the most important things you will be doing in marketing is making marketing strategies and campaigns. The end goal here is to increase sales. The main challenge while marketing is knowing your audience. You have to apply strategic thinking into making effective campaigns. With strategy, you will have control over situations, and be able to put forth the right communication and create a brand. Strategic thinking, along with logical applications will take your far in the marketing industry.


8. Learning

If you read about all the successful people in the world, you will note one amazing skill they all have – the ability to keep learning. Sometimes after achieving a good career, people stop learning and this soon leads to stagnation. If you want to do well in marketing, you have to have the ability to keep learning. If something fails, you can also learn from it. If a new technology is introduced, you can learn to use it. The ability to learn will keep you competitive, and ahead of the game.


9. Dream Big

After success, many people get complacent. They lose their ability to see the big picture. Dont let this happen to you. The ability to dream big and see the future is what will keep you going. This skill is useful during your education and your career. You will be able to spot areas of growth and opportunity, allowing you to dictate your career and success. Back up your dreaming skills with planning and you will be able to achieve a lot.


10. Entrepreneurial Skills

The MBA in marketing equips students with entrepreneurial abilities and knowledge. Make use of this knowledge and skill to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Entrepreneurial skills are a combination of many skills like creativity, the ability to foresee market conditions, technical skills, innovative skills, and more. These skills will help you do well in a management job, but you will have the ability to start your business and go from an employee to an employer.


11. Importance of Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are the main reasons for your success. Your education can only get you into a good job. How you proceed from thereon is completely dependent on your marketing skills.

Here are some other reasons why marketing skills are important:

  • During your education, these skills will help you excel in the MBA marketing course. The course does teach you these skills, but having them in advance will help you a lot.
  • Marketing skills help you understand the complexities of the business. Till today, some professionals dont fully understand marketing owing to the lack of these skills, but you can understand and do well in marketing.
  • Marketing skills drive innovation. When it comes to developing new products and services. The most important feedback comes from the marketing departments as they know the target audience well and have their pulse on the market.
  • Marketing skills are not just for marketing, they are life skills. Communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, and analytical skills are skills that will also help you do well in your personal life.



The bottom line is that you need the above-mentioned skills to excel in the MBA in marketing degree course and your career. Assess your skills, and endeavour to attain the skills you might lack. But give it your all when you do the MBA in marketing course, as it is one of the best postgraduate courses with excellent scope in India.

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