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What Are the Skills Required for an HR Executive?

What Are the Skills Required for an HR Executive?

Human Resources (HR) Executive Job Overview

The Human Resources Executive has many responsibilities, but the most important of all is ensuring that all the employees in the company are happy and at their productive best. An HR executives job is extremely important to the functioning and growth of an organisation. They are the most important people in middle management and are a channel of communication between senior management and employees.

What does the Human Resources (HR) Executive do?

HR executives have to create a positive working environment where employees feel safe, secure, and cared for. The HR executive also has to ensure their organisation is following all the rules, regulation, and labour laws laid down by the government and best practices of the industry. An HR is an important employee that is required by law after an organisation reaches a certain capacity. They are important for an organisation to function at their best.
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Human Resources (HR) Executive Duties & Responsibilities

Since an HR executives work is so integral to an organisation to grow and succeed. They are tasked with many duties and responsibilities. Some of which are:

  • Creating an environment of open communication.
  • Hiring and retaining talent for the organisation at the right cost.
  • Creating and approving budgets for all the departments.
  • Helping make the payroll of the company.
  • Organising important events of the organisation.
  • Helping resolve conflicts and other issues within the company.
  • Conducting exit interviews with outgoing employees.
  • Overseeing the termination process of an employee.
  • Counselling employees who are stressed.
  • Working with departmental heads during appraisals.
  • Introducing employee wellness programs.
  • Creating company policies based on best practices.
  • Remembering employee birthdays and important event dates.

Human Resources (HR) Executive Average Salary Range

Since HR executives handle so many duties and responsibilities, they are also compensated well for their hard work and efforts. The following are the current prevalent figures for the HR executive average salary range in India:

Average Human Resources (HR) Generalist Salary in IndiaAverage Human Resources (HR) Generalist Salary in India


Currently, the HR executive salary in India ranges from INR 1.93 lakhs to INR 8.19 lakhs with a figure of INR 3.75 lakhs being the median. These figures may differ from organisation to organisation, and will get better with experience.


Skills Required for HR Executive Job

Along with the right qualifications, you also need to have a few skills to land the HR executive job. These skills will help you do well in your education and career.

So, here are the top 10 skills required for HR executive job:

1. Communication Skills

The HR department is the communication centre in an organisation, so it’s only logical that one would need to have excellent communication skills to be a good HR executive. Though communication is important for most professions, more so for HR executives. HR represents one side to the other. To the management, they represent the employees, to the employee, they represent the management. So, a lot of communication is done through the HR executives.

HRs are also in charge of internal communication in an organisation. They have to ensure the communication is correct and provided to the right people. They also have to interact with all the employees and be able to connect with them and win their confidence. Therefore, you need to have amazing communication skills.

2. Ethics

The HR executive is the voice of reason and truth. Therefore, their ethics compass has to be pointing in the right direction at all times. They need to be free from prejudices and should be able to see everything from a neutral point of view. Good ethics are key because theyll be dealing with racism, sexism, nepotism, and other problems in the workplace.

Ethics will also help them uphold the rules and regulations of the company and the government, and be able to stand up against injustice in the workplace. They will have to know all the rights accorded to everyone. Therefore, if one is an ethical person who likes to do whats right, they can think of being an HR.

3. Negotiations Skills

Negotiations are a big part of being an HR. They have to negotiate salary figures with all the new recruitments. They also have to negotiate the salaries with the current employee during annual appraisals. The senior management allot a fixed budget for the salaries and the HR executives have to ensure to get everyone within that budget.

HR executives also have to be the negotiators when there is a dispute between employees, or employees and employers. They have to ensure the conflict is properly resolved and both parties leave happy with the result. This is difficult yet important, so an HR executive needs to have strong negotiation skills.

4. Organisational Skills

You will not make it as an HR executive if you are not organised. They have to deal with a lot of important paperwork and files, so you need to keep track and have to be organised. The paperwork can be related to the employees, management, and other things related to the organisation, and have to be organised and filed properly.

HR executives have to organise many events like training sessions, seminars, orientation sessions, and other important company events. These events vary in scale but have to be expertly organised. Therefore, an HR executive needs to be good at organisation of many different things as it is one of their main responsibilities.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is a big part of an HR executive’s duties. From internal problems like matters between employees to external matters like issues related to the reputation and publicity of the company, the HR executives have to offer their problem-solving skills for different kinds of issues.

In a large organisation, there are many different types of people, so employees getting into disputes is a common thing. Whenever a dispute arises, the HR is the first person to know of this. They have to solve these problems without them getting escalated to the higher-ups. These problems also need to be solved in the fairest and just manner, so they do not arise again.

6. Mentoring Skills

HR executives also have to be mentors to the new employees of the company. Of course, new employees have team leads and department heads to teach them, but that is only regarding their work. The HR executives have to teach them about the company, make them feel at home, sort any problems they have while adjusting to the new environment, and so on.

One of the most extensive roles they have to play is mentoring new HR employees. An HR has in-depth information about the company, so they have to pass on this information, and also teach them how to interact with the employees and the management. They have to put them through exhaustive training to become capable HR executives. So, mentoring is an important part of being an HR executive.

7. Interpersonal Skills

To feel empathy for another person, connecting with them, understanding their problems, and helping them understand situations, all these important things come through great interpersonal skills. These skills are of utmost importance to all HR executives. For this, HR has to get along and connect with everyone.

Interpersonal skills also make the HR executives likeable. When an HR is not liked by all, it becomes an impedance in them doing their work. They will not be able to do justice to almost all their duties and responsibilities. So, HR executives need to have excellent interpersonal skills.

8. Teamwork Skills

In a large organisation, there is a separate HR department full of many HR employees handling different roles, and these roles cannot be done without the support of each other. So, an HR executive needs to have great teamwork skills to do their job well, help the department, and ensure others also do well.

The HR executives also have to organise all the events in the company. For this, they have to make an organising committee and work with other employees of the organisation. They even have to coordinate with departmental heads for their other tasks. So, teamwork skills are a must for HR executives.

9. Technical Skills

The modern HR executive has to be tech-savvy. Today, almost every sizeable organisation uses HR software to conduct HR tasks. Other than automating menial tasks, this software can help HR executives keep a track of an employees progress, updating company policies, implementing cost-saving measures, and a whole lot more. These software and tools have made a huge impact.

HR executives have been competent in using them. Different organisations use different software, so you need to have a good understanding of the technology to be able to operate them all. HRs also have to digitise and organise important documents, so technical skills are a must for the modern HR executive.

10. Counselling Skills

Whenever an employee is facing stress or some kind of issue, they are expected to go to the HR executive. Therefore, the HR executive needs to have great counselling skills. They can guide and counsel the employee through their issues. Some companies even require their HRs to be certified conflict resolution and anger management experts.

Counselling skills also help them in getting employees to open up, problem-solving in the organisation, mentoring new employees, and creating channels of communication within the organisation. This is a versatile skill that comes in handy for many other HR executive duties.


Important Human Resources Skills for Workplace Success

Of all the skills stated above, there are a few skills that will lead to success in the workplace. These skills are:

Communication Skills

  • The main job of an HR executive is to create channels of communication within the organisation.
  • They also have to be the main point of communication between employees and top-level management.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Interpersonal skills help HR executives connect and interact with all the employees.
  • These skills also help them empathize and connect with people and understand their problems, and offer solutions.

Technical Skills

  • Technology is making headway into all areas, and it is taking huge strides in human resources management as well. So, tech skills are a must.
  • Modern HR software is revolutionising the industry, and to be a successful HR, one should be able to use this software.


How to Make Your HR Skills Stand Out

You have the skills, but you have to make them stand out. This is a problem with many students who dont know how to apply their skills and make a successful career out of them. Heres how you can make your HR skills stand out.

  • Get an Education – A formal education in human resources is the best way to bring your HR skills to the fore.
  • Practice – HR skills are skills that can also help you in your life and education, so make sure to practice and hone them as much as you can.


How to Become Start Career in HR

HR executive is one of the best careers in the modern corporate world. If you are thinking about this career seriously, you should go for it. Many courses can get you started, but the best course would be an MBA in Human Resources. This course will ensure you get a high-paying HR job in any reputed company in the country. Recruiters also give preference to MBA in HR degree holders over other candidates.


Wrapping Up

The HR executive is a great career. It is one of those professions where you can make a difference. But an HR executive has many roles and responsibilities and to perform them, they also need quite a lot of skills. The best way to pursue a career in this industry is by getting a strong formal education. The education will help you develop the skills you have and pick and develop the skills you don’t have. You can then get ready for a career as an HR executive.

The best formal education for an HR executive job is an MBA in HR and the best place to do it is from IBMR. IBMR is located in Pune (Pimpri-Chinchwad) and is affiliated with the prestigious SPPU (Pune University). Visit their website. Fill out the enquiry form, and one of their counsellors will call you with all the information you need. Hurry, before admissions are over.

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