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What is Data Analyst Salary in India for Freshers and Experienced?

What is Data Analyst Salary in India

What is a Data Analyst?

A data analyst collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses on a large dataset. As a layman, a data analyst will retrieve and gather data, organize it and discover how to use data to answer questions and solve problems.

Data analyst is a combination of technical skills and leadership skills. Technical skills include knowledge of database languages such as SQL, R, or Python, and Leadership skills help a data analyst in decision-making and problem-solving tasks.

Data Analyst Career Paths

When it comes to choosing a career in data analytics, its we have a bigger picture to tell you about this. In this article, well let you explore some of the most common data analyst career paths. By the end, youll have a clear idea of how to get started as a data analyst and where your career might take you once youve got your foot in this boat.

Whats the effective data analyst career path?Lets find out with the below graph:

Data Analyst Career Paths

Skills & Qualifications for Data Analyst?

Companies use data analysts specifically to improve outcomes like productivity to understand the organizations needs. Do you know what skills you should learn to be a successful data analyst than by looking at the data? Some responsibilities for data analysts include gathering data, finding patterns, writing reports, collaborating with stakeholders, analyzing & presenting findings, and much more.

Here are the skills and qualifications required to become a Data Analyst:

  • Programming Languages: Data analysts use programming languages such as R or SAS to gather clean data for statistical analysis and data visualization.
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking: Creative and analytical thinking are key attributes of a good data analyst.
  • SQL Databases: SQL databases are essentially a set of relational databases with structured data. Here, data is in tables, and an analyst will pull information from different tables to perform analysis.
  • Database Querying Languages: A popular querying language used by data analysts is SQL. There are variations of this language like PostgreSQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL (Procedural Language/SQL).
  • Data Mining, Cleaning, and Munging: When you cannot store data neatly in a database, data analysts use other tools to gather unstructured data.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel: Having an excellent handle on microsoft excel and advanced analytics techniques is always a perk.
  • Machine Learning: Although it is not a specific demand, Data analysts with machine learning skills are incredibly valuable in the organization.

Data Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

What does a data analyst do? Here is the answer to this question. Depending on the type of organization and to which extent the business has adopted data-driven decision-making practices, a data analyst conducts these duties and responsibilities in an organization-

  • Designing and maintaining data systems and databases; includes fixing coding errors and other data-related problems.
  • Refining data from primary and secondary sources and then reorganizing it.
  • Using statistical tools to interpret data sets, paying particular attention to trends and patterns that could be valuable for diagnostic and predictive analytics efforts.
  • Demonstrating the significance of their work in the context of local, national, and global trends that impact both their organization and industry.
  • Preparing reports for executive leadership that effectively communicate trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data.
  • Collaborating with all the programmers, engineers, and organizational leaders to identify opportunities for process improvements, recommend system modifications, and develop policies for data governance.

Average Data Analyst Salary in India

Average Data Analyst Salary in India


One of the perks about working as a data analyst is that theyre in high demand in India. A data analyst’s salary in India is directly or indirectly dependent on how updated and skillful you are. If you dont want to get stick in a city, or one country, working as a data analyst can offer you that freedom and flexibility.

The average salary for a Data Analyst in India is 4.38 INR L/annum.

Parameters Affects Data Analyst Salary in India

As it involves expertise in the area of programming, machine learning, data mining, and data visualization, the demand for data analysts is increasing exponentially. The Data Analyst Salary depends on many factors:

  1. Experience
  2. Skills
  3. Location
  4. Employer
  5. Other Parameters

1. Experience Affects Data Analyst Salaries

The graph below shows the range of salaries for different levels of experience for analysts.

Experience Affects Data Analyst Salaries

The experience level plays a vital role in the recruitment of data analysts. Discussed below are different levels of experience that a data analyst comes across in their career map.

Entry Level Salary in Data Analyst: An average entry Level Data Analyst/Scientist in India can make around Rs 507,269 annually.

Junior Level Salary in Data Analysts: A Junior Data Analysts with the required amount of experience of at least 02 years in the field earns an average salary of Rs 9,21,957 annually.

Senior Level Salary in Data Analyst: A Senior Data Analyst with the required amount of experience earns an average salary of Rs. 18,21,795 annually.


2. Skills That Affect Data Analyst Salaries in India

  • Python salary in India alone offers ₹10 Lakhs per annum as it is an essential skill.
  • Do you know if you are familiar with Big Data & Data Science, your salary increases by 26% compared to being skilled in only one of the areas.
  • SPSS & SAS professionals can earn around ₹7.3 lakhs and ₹9 to 10.8 lakhs respectively.
  • ML salary in India can increase up to 17 lakhs per annum.

3. Data Analyst Pay Difference by Location in India

Location is an important factor in deciding the salary since the cost of living varies depending on the city and state of employment. Bengaluru provides 19.2% more than the countrys average. Gurgaon & Pune offers 9.8% more and 9.5% respectively than the national average.

4. Data Analyst Salaries by Employer

Here are the average salaries earned by Data Analysts in various companies in India- Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Amazon.com Inc, IBM India Private Limited, and Ernest & Young (E.Y.)

5. Other Parameters Affect Data Analyst Salaries

To pursue a rewarding career in data analytics, aspirants need to put in tremendous effort in learning new trends in the market every day for a successful career.


What Are Popular Skills for Data Analyst?

A data analyst needs to develop some skills. Here are some of the popular skills for data analysts to acquire for success in their field:

  1. SQL
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Database Management & Reporting
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Statistical programming languages
  6. Data visualization
  7. Machine learning
  8. Data warehousing
  9. Research
  10. Microsoft Excel

Why Should You Become a Data Analyst?

An analyst needs to have a versatile skill set in their profile. Here are the reasons why should you become a Data Analyst-

  • Data analysts are in high demand- Data analysts are constantly learning and advancing in their respective fields, leading to rising demand in the market.
  • Data analysts are evolving- With time and trends, you can improve your skills and progress in your career as a data analyst.
  • Data analysts can work in many types of companies- You have the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, large corporate or even freelance as a data analyst.

Popular Employers for Data Analyst

Popular Employers for Data Analyst

The job profile is promising, giving opportunities in multiple industries and the nature of the job often allows for remote work flexibility and even self-employment. Here hotcanadianpharmacy.com/drugs/Ceftin/ is the list of top Companies hiring for Data Analyst jobs in India-

  1. Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  2. Accenture Technology Solutions
  3. com Inc
  4. IBM India Private Limited



With the rising demand in this field and increasing current salary trends, now it is the right time to up-skill and takes advantage of the Data Science career opportunities today. Growing companies these days rely primarily on data analysis for their business insights. We believe that if you are an aspiring data analyst, you will find immense growth in your career.

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