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MBA Salary in India: How Much an MBA Professional Earn?

MBA Salary in India

Salary After MBA in India

Salary After MBA in India

Avg. MBA Salary in India is: ₹792,760 Source

Are you seeking a job today? Did you saw many jobs marked as MBA preferred? The MBA is one of the popular postgraduate courses in India. The MBA Salary in India offered is directly proportional to the qualification and experience, so the demand for these professionals has gone up, and so has the salary in India.

In this article, we are answering, “How Much an MBA Professional Earn?” it is one of the most popular postgraduate courses pursued by most of the students.

MBA Salary in India: Based On MBA Specialization

There are more than 30 specializations in the MBA program, and it has been one of the most secure career options opted by the candidates after graduation.

Here is the list of top specializations and their average salary range after an MBA degree in India:

Specialization Average Salary in India/Annum
Finance Management ₹718,389
Human Resource Management ₹635,158
Marketing Management ₹732,600
Business Analytics Management ₹559,551
Entrepreneurship Management ₹741,344
Operations Management ₹873,591
Hospital Management ₹660,000
Healthcare Management ₹593,281
Hotel Management ₹786,108
International Business Management ₹828,087
Information Technology (IT) Management ₹1,110,066
Pharmaceutical Management ₹600,000
Aviation Management ₹1,042,500
General & Strategic Management ₹1,796,032
Event Management ₹300,000
Agribusiness Management ₹700,000
Logistics And Supply Chain Management ₹682,006
Sports Management ₹300,000
Project Management ₹1,032,193


1. MBA Finance Salary in India

MBA Finance Salary in India

Source: Avg. MBA Finance Salary in India is ₹723,801

An MBA specialization in finance focuses on the aspects like- Management Accounting and Control, the Indian Capital, Money Market and Banks, Privatization, and International Finance. The average salaries for various MBA job positions in MBA Finance are as follows:

Job Position Average Salary
Accounting Manager INR 7,10,360
Credit Managers INR 5,80,576
Financial Analyst INR 4,12,339
Corporate Controllers INR 12,24,490


2. MBA HR Salary in India

MBA HR Salary in India

Source: Avg. MBA Finance Salary in India is ₹635,291

Human Resource (HR) Management course teaches you about recruiting, training, team building, employee policies, salaries, benefits and increments, employee health and safety, and the amenities. The average salary for various MBA job positions in MBA HR Management is:

Job Position Average Salary
Human Resources Manager INR 7,05,853
Senior Human Resources Consultant INR 11,64,803
HR Operations Manager INR 8,74,286
Employee Relations Manager INR 7,32,503


3. MBA Marketing Management Salary in India

MBA Marketing Management Salary in India

Source: Avg. MBA Marketing Salary in India is ₹743,592

An MBA in marketing graduates is the most preferred and popular among companies. Students who pursue this will match the interests of consumers with business promotion techniques.

The average salary for various MBA job positions inMBA Marketing Managementis:

Job Position Average Salary
Brand Manager INR 9,93,964
Sales Manager INR 4,72,401
Market Research Analyst INR 3,43,964
Marketing Officer INR 3,03,288


4. MBA Business Analytics Salary in India

MBA Business Analytics Salary in India

After this course, students can apply for positions such as Data Scientist, Statistician, Predictive Modeller, Quantitative Analyst, etc. The average salary of these professionals ranges from INR 5- 16 LPA.



5. MBA Entrepreneurship Salary in India

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Entrepreneurship Degree in India

This course is to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and networks required to become innovators and entrepreneurs. In India, withholding an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship, you can receive salaries between INR 5- 8 LPA.

6. MBA Operations Management Salary in India

Students having relevant skills in managing import, export, supply chain management, demand-supply chain management, etc. are suited for this specialization. The median salary of MBA Operations Managers in India is Rs 8.73 LPA.


7. MBA Hospital Management Salary in India

Students specialized inhospital managementmostly work in healthcare institutes, and there are over 26,000 hospitals in India registered that can offer career opportunities to MBAs in hospital administration.The starting salary of an MBA graduate in Hospital Administration may be anything fromRs. 2, 35,000 to Rs. 5, 90,000 LPA.


8. MBA Healthcare Management Salary in India

MBA in Healthcare Management graduates need to have several skills to get a proper job role in the healthcare sector. It helps the students oversee the operations and services that are part of a healthcare facility. The starting salary of an MBA graduate in Healthcare Management is Rs. 5-6 LPA.


9. MBA Hotel Management Salary in India

Hotel management deals with the overall administration and working of a hotel, resort, or hospitality firm. In India, withholding an MBA degree in HM, you can receive a salary of Rs. 7-7.5 LPA.


10. MBA International Business Salary in India

Candidates with MBA in International Business attempt to help in expanding business internationally and can earn up to Rs. 8-9 LPA.


11. MBA Information Technology (IT) Salary in India

IT Professionals who are looking for managerial positions can apply for this course. This course adequately mixes studies related to management studies with technology.The average salary of these professionals generally ranges from INR 10- 12 LPA.


12. MBA Pharmaceutical Management Salary in India

MBA in Pharmacy is for those candidates who are interested in increasing their knowledge in various Pharmacy practical areas. Freshers will get an average salary of Rs. 06 lakhs per annum depending on prior qualifications and institutes.


13. MBA Aviation Management Salary in India

MBA in Aviation Management offers students to work outdoors and govern the various day-to-day operations of airports and airlines. An MBA in this specialization usually earns INR 10.2 LPA on average.


14. MBA General & Strategic Management Salary in India

This course includes mastered business theory about what factors influence a company’s success or failure to make strategic decisions. The Average Annual Salary is 17.96 LPA.


15. MBA Event Management Salary in India

Event Management is one of the emerging branches of the business and management field and has been gaining popularity and earn up to the average salary of 3-4 LPA.


16. MBA Agribusiness Salary in India

The initial pay differs based on one’s experience, research topics, area of specialization, etc. The Agribusiness job salary is INR 3 – 7 LPA.


17. MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management Salary in India

With an average annual salary offered to these officials ranging from INR 8-12 LPA, it is available for the students qualified with the same degree and for those who are well-acquainted with the importance of the supply chains.


18. MBA Sports Management Salary in India

Pursue MBA in Sports Management if you exhibit a spectacular show of determination and true sportsmanship. The average salary offered to professionals working in this ranges from INR 3-5 LPA.


19. MBA Project Management Salary in India

The demand in this industry for these managers is always at the peak. And the Project Manager salary in India ranges from INR 8-10 LPA.


Top 5 Popular Companies for MBA Degrees

Every year you take admission in some of the reputed B-schools of India to study this leadership course. You have spent a fortune on earning an MBA from a top school. When you consider your job options, what are the top companies that you should consider?

Here is the list of companies that has the biggest employers of MBA students from India’s top business schools:

: Top 5 Popular Companies for MBA Graduates

Top 6 Factors Affecting MBA Salary in India

There are various factors that affect post-MBA salary. Below, you can find how to ensure the best outcome from it. Find all the details relating to job opportunities after MBA in India, career, scope, salary, and factors to consider before taking up a job in the following –

Here are some primary MBA salaries affecting parameters:

1. Institute: With so many advantages associated with this prestigious degree, pursuing an MBA from the right institute is one of the crucial factors determining your salary. We offer an MBA from the Institute of Business Management and Research (IBMR). It is one of the top B schools in India since 1976.

2. Job Role: Also, your job role determines your salary. Accounting, human resources, salescan affect your earnings. Not all MBAs are created equal nor should they be. Different jobs call for different strengths.

3. Experience: Your level of experience and expertise makes a big difference in the earnings you’ll receive.

4. Location: Geographic location is also a consideration since the cost of living varies depending on the city and state of employment.

5. Employer: An employer will influence wage rates. The overall strategy which a company pursues should determine the remuneration to its employees.

6. Skills & Knowledge: The required skills will motivate the employees to do better in the future. MBA graduates should be aware of the companies’ trending skills that help build up their careers.


Key Takeaways

MBA salary differs depending on various factors. However, education or the course pursued affect the salary significantly, more than others. The benefits of our MBA program act as an advantage to land a job that offers a high MBA salary in India. In addition to it, IBMRs mentors provide individual guidance, prepare you for interviews, and conduct mock sessions to ensure that you get a high-paying job.


Take the Next Step

Ready to reap the financial rewards of your MBA salary? It’s time to take action. Join us. At IBMR, we have adopted a very structured placement process wherein all the students get 100% placement support and grooming before the employment season at our college begins. Make sure you will never stop learning new things and improving your knowledge and skill in your field of expertise, as these are directly proportional to pay slip.


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