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July 1, 2020
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Why Earn an MBA/PGDM in Cloud Computing?

Why Earn an MBA/PGDM in Cloud Computing

MBA & PGDM in Cloud Computing – Overview

The use of remotely located high-end servers for computing functions is known as cloud computing. Cloud is actually a large cluster of servers that is changing technology and business for the better. One of the best advantages is cloud computing is that it has made data storage, managing, and processing, cost-effective and available to even small and mid-size companies. Therefore, cloud computing is here to stay and is going to be an important part of business.

To take advantage of the cloud computing industry, you will need an MBA or PGDM in cloud computing. These postgraduate degrees will provide you all the required theoretical and practical knowledge required to make a managerial or administrative career in cloud computing. There are many aspects to cloud computing, and you can select a specialisation or elective and make a career in it. The degree also teaches you the national and international business opportunities of cloud computing

MBA/PGDM in cloud computing is one of the most upcoming postgraduate courses, and is perfect for students who want an MBA/PGDM degree thats different from your usual courses. It is a course of the future and has many things going for it.


Benefits of Having MBA or PGDM in Cloud Computing

It helps to know the benefits of any course before you consider it. The benefits will help you judge the quality of the course, what the future careers look like, and whether the benefits of the course align with your needs from a postgraduate course. The MBA/PGDM in cloud computing has many benefits that make it stand apart from other courses.

Here are top 5 advantageous of having MBA or PGDM degree in cloud computing:

1. In Trend

In all industries, you will come across the word cloud computing. High growth is expected in this industry. According to NASSCOM, cloud computing will be an industry worth $7 billion, and will continue to grow at a strong pace for the next few years. Therefore, you can imagine why this course is in trend.

Along with AI, cybersecurity, and data analytics, experts consider these subjects as subjects of the future. The top government and private universities have begun undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas for these subjects. This move makes it clear that MBA/PGDM in cloud computing will remain in trend and worth considering.


2. Future Scope

As mentioned before, cloud computing is the subject of the future, and as the numbers suggest, theres going to be a lot of value and jobs in this industry. Even now, you will find a high demand for jobs in cloud computing. According to a report, there will be more than 1 million jobs in cloud computing by the year 2022.

Cloud technology is only going to get better and more affordable in the near future. Currently, it is easily accessible to businesses, soon it will also be accessible to the common public. Therefore, the future looks good for cloud computing, and considering that India is the IT hub of the world, our country is going to see a concentration in cloud computing jobs.


3. Legitimacy

This is always an important factor to consider. Everyone knows that one person who is highly educated but has a tough time getting and holding down a job. Why does this happen? In many cases that person has a degree that does not have much value. In India, there are many cases of valueless degrees from colleges with no government approvals and recognition. However, this does not happen with the MBA/PGDM in cloud computing.

Fortunately, the MBA/PGDM in cloud computing programs are closely watched by the government. They are provided only by the best colleges in the country. The courses are approved by the AICTE and affiliated with a good university. So, if you have decided to do the MBA/PGDM in cloud computing course, you dont have to worry about the legitimacy.


4. Technology

Technology is an unstoppable force that is taking over many important aspects of all businesses. From cloud computing to AI analytics, they are going to be the new norm in the next few years. With the MBA/PGDM in cloud computing course, you are going to be an indispensable part of the tech industry.

Technology is going to be the backbone of all the major businesses. So, this degree is the right move to have a career that is going to be in high demand well into the future as well.


5. Stand Out

In the employment industry, you will find many students with degrees in marketing and finance. Your MBA/PGDM in cloud computing will help you stand out. MBA/PGDM in cloud computing graduates can join any industry of their choice as cloud computing is a technology being incorporated everywhere.

MBA/PGDM in cloud computing graduates have the unique advantage of being good in the technological aspect and having all the qualities to become a manager. The course teaches you to be an expert in cloud technology and an expert manager. This will give you an advantage over other candidates, and make you highly employable.


Is Cloud Computing A Good Career Option?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. You invest the most important years of your life in doing a postgraduate course. This course decides your future. So, it’s important to know if cloud computing is a good career optio. Yes, cloud computing is a good career option, and here are the reasons why:-

  • Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
  • India being an IT hub, will also be the epicentre of cloud computing products and services.
  • The industry will be worth $7 billion with more than 1 million jobs in just 2 years.
  • Cloud computing also avails many different careers in many different industries to the students. They get to choose which industry to work in.
  • Since the industry is in a growth stage, making a career in this industry now will ensure great success and money.
  • Cloud computing will have a lot of importance in a post COVID-19 world.

With so many benefits and reasons to do MBA/PGDM in cloud computing, don’t think twice if you are serious about this degree. Gather all the information you can on the course being offered, and start looking for the right course and institute.

To truly get the benefits of the MBA/PGDM in cloud computing course, you have to do this degree from the right institute. One of the top institutes in the country, ASMs Institute of Business Management & Research (IBMR) has recently introduced the MBA/PGDM in cloud computing course. IBMR is known for excellent management courses that attract students from all over the country. The MBA/PGDM in cloud computing is not going to be any different. So, get in touch with the institute today, and get all the information you need. Their courses get full quick so time is of the essence.

ASM's Institute of Business Management & Research, Pune was established in 1983. It is affiliated to University of Pune. It is a prominent institute for higher education in the state of Maharashtra.