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Post Graduation Courses to Boost your Career

These days, to boost your career, it is important to pursue a specialization course after graduation. Every stream in the educational sector is looking for professionally skilled and knowledgeable candidates. To develop such skills in a niche field, you must consider looking for a suitable post graduation course to kick-start your professional growth.

imagesFactors to consider while choosing a post graduation course:

In order to make your decision regarding choosing a course after graduation, you need to take into consideration the following factors:

  • What was the field/core subject of your graduation degree
  • Which are your areas of interest on a professional front
  • Do you wish to go for a full time course or a part time course
  • Are you looking to study abroad
  • Which are your inherent strengths and...
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AICTE Approved Colleges in Pune to Pursue MBA

Pursuing post graduation in Pune opens up a lot of new career paths as the city boasts of several reputable educational institutes and colleges. Be it the field of management or computer science or other fields, Pune offers you excellent quality of education. However, it is highly important to choose a recognized institute that is approved by a credible government educational body such as All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

AICTE - MBA College Pune

Why is it Important to Choose an AICTE Approved College for MBA?

Post graduation degree in business administration holds professional edge and it is pursued for better career prospects. That is why it is important that the institute you pursue this degree from should be known for providing high quality education...

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How to Choose the Subject of Specialization in MBA

Nowadays, lots of students are opting for a recognized and credible degree in management after graduation for a better career prospects. However, it is important to select the suited specialization for MBA as per your core interest and aptitude.

specialization after MBA

A standard MBA degree program is usually completed in duration of 2 years; however there are certain executive programs which can be finished within a time-span of 1 year. Whichever of these courses you decide to pursue, you will get various fields of specialization to choose from, such as:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Information Management
  • Strategy and Operation Management
  • Communication
  • Advertising

In a standard MBA degree program, usually the subject of specialization is chosen in the second year as an elective...

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Advantages of Part Time Management Courses for Working Professionals

Today’s professional world is witnessing cut-throat competition in each and every sector.. While being skilled in the area of specialization is highly important, equal importance is being given to management skills. If you wish to climb up the professional ladder with proficiency then getting educated in the field of business management has become a must.

part time course in Pune

However, for many of us, opting to take sabbatical from professional life to pursue full-time course is not a feasible option. If you are in such a position then you might consider going for a part time courses that is specially designed for working professionals.

Advantages of opting for a part-time courses:

Learn and earn at the same time: The first and foremost advantage of pursuing a part-time management course is that it can be d...

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