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100% Job Guarantee Courses in 2020

100 Percent Job Guarantee Courses In 2020

100% Job Guarantee Programs in India in 2020

Why does one get an education? The first and the biggest reason that comes to the mind is getting the right job in which you can make money and get a lifelong career. Though there are other important reasons, a job is the number one priority for many. This is the reason why educational programs that provide a 100% job guarantee are high on the list of students.

Admission for 100% job guarantee courses is always full owing to the fact that at the end of the course, students have a job in hand and start earning immediately after the course. Parents are also more than happy when their children choose such courses. Heres some information on the 100% job guarantee courses


Top Career Options for 100% Job Guarantee in 2020

In the new decade, many new industries have emerged as the best employers and they are growing. Owing to their growth, these industries are in constant need of talented and qualified people. Therefore, if you get an education related to these industries, you are bound to find a good job.

Here is information on the top career options that will give you a guaranteed job in 2020.

1. Business Analytics

This is one of the fastest rising industries in the world. Now, most of the top companies in the world make use of business analytics to analyse past performance, review their progress, and make future plans. There are many careers in this that you can aim for and there are many courses as well.

All the top universities and higher education institutes provide business analytics courses that are in-tune with the current industry trends. Look for courses that are highly rated by experts and also include the use of the best business analytics tools. From being a developer to being an analyst, there are quite a few lucrative careers that are in high demand the world over.

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2. Website Development Courses

Businesses have to be online and to be online, they need to have a website. Wen developers are professionals who make websites for businesses to be online. These websites can be simple, and they can also be dynamic. Some websites can also generate revenues for the business. Hence, web development is one of the most important courses to learn for a guaranteed job in a high digitised 2020.

There are many institutes that offer website development courses. There are many computer languages that can be used for website development. Be sure to choose a course that teaches the most trendy languages, as computer languages for web development can become redundant. There are diploma and degree courses as well, and both can be equally good. From where you learn web development matters a lot. Web developers get jobs quite easily as this profession is in demand and one can offer freelance services as well.


3. Software Development/IT

India is a country that is famed the world over for software and IT services. Therefore, there are many software and IT-related courses being offered by all the top public and private universities. These courses are a sure-fire way to get a job in the ever-growing software and IT industry of the country.

As you may be aware that innovation and development is a daily occurrence in the software and IT industry. Therefore, look for courses that are in-tune with the latest happening in the industry. Degree and diploma courses both have value and will get a job 100%, but a degree course from a good university is highly recommended. You can also look for courses that teach management as well to get better paying in the industry.



Probably the best courses to do after graduation, PGDM and MBA courses are an excellent way to get a job in the management sector of any business. PGDM and MBA courses can be done only after graduation. In the courses, you also have to choose a specialisation in which you will most likely make your career.

PGDM and MBA courses should be done only from AICTE approved institutes. Only then do these courses have value in the professional world and will fetch you your desired job and salary package. Management courses are the most sought after courses. Despite the high fee tag, these courses are complete value for money as they will get you the highest paying jobs in the top companies in the country.

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5. Hardware & Networking

Software and IT cannot function without hardware and networking. Therefore, hardware and networking courses are high in demand as hardworking and networking professionals find jobs quite easily in the countrys burgeoning IT industry. Hardware is all about the physical components in a computer and other related products. Networking is about creating local area and wide area networks in companies or individual use.

Hardware and networking courses are offered by many public and private universities. Therefore, you have to be the judge which is the right place to do these courses. Hardware and networking courses are not expensive and will land you a job right after finishing the course.


6. Data Science & Big Data

With just one single transaction or a few actions done on the internet, a single user generates a vast amount of data that can be studied and used for analytics. This data is called big data, and its study and use are called data science. These courses are related to each other and business analytics, but each of them is so vast they are divided into separate specialisations.

Data science courses are all about understanding what you can do with data and design dataset modules to extract specific results. Big data courses teach you how to collect, collate and understand the vast amount of data that is generated. We are living in a data-centric world, and a course in data science or big data will put you on a fast track to a great career.

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7. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is set to be the most popular form of marketing. Businesses are turning to digital marketing because the costs are less, and the results can be measured allowing to change or modify marketing strategies. Digital marketing also transcends geographical limitations making it ideal for companies to outsource to cheaper locations.

In a digital marketing course, you will learn about SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Marketing and many other such aspects. You can even choose one of them to specialise or you can learn about it all and become a digital marketer. You can also combine a management degree with digital marketing to give yourself the edge.


8. Engineering

Engineering courses have been one of the oldest favourites when it comes to courses with a 100% job guarantee. No matter what stream you choose in engineering, you will find a job the next day you become an engineer – such is the demand for engineers in our country. India is a growing country and will continue to require the services of engineers.

There was a time when engineering courses had lost their popularity, but now many students are opting for B.Tech and MTech courses to give their careers a much-needed boost. There are many engineering and technical education colleges, make sure you choose a course from an AICTE approved college.


9. Law

Lawyers are high in demand and can find a lot of work if they choose the right field to specialise in. The usual law specialisations like criminal and civil are lessening in popularity and other important specialisations like corporate law, taxation law, and medical law are gaining popularity.

You can choose a law degree course from a good institute and choose different subjects like the ones stated above. The field of law is getting specialised, meaning there is going to be a huge need for law students in the near future. Once you get your law degree, it is quite easy to get a job in a law firm or start your own law practice


10. International Business

International business is now a specialised field. Globalisation has ensured that companies now expand the world over. However, rules & regulations, taxation and accounting laws are different. To navigate this, the specialisation of international business has come up where students are taught all about international businesses and their operations which differ from business done at a local and national level.

For students who have aspirations of working overseas and in jobs that require them to travel the world over, international business courses are the right courses. After the course, they can immediately get a job overseas or in a multinational corporation.


11. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship courses will help you get a job because you yourself will be the employer. Entrepreneurship is all about starting and successfully running a business. It really gives an opportunity to start something innovative and new and disrupt the market to create a niche. By becoming an entrepreneur, you will be providing employment and will become a wealth creator for the nation.

Entrepreneur courses teach you all aspects of starting a business and prepare you for the challenges you will face. It is not necessary that you have to start your own business. With a degree or diploma course in entrepreneurship, you can also join other businesses and help them grow.


12. Forensics

Many science graduates are heading towards this industry. Forensics is the use of science and technology to detect and solve crimes. India is a country that was lagging behind forensics but that has been changing over the last decade. Forensics is one of the fastest-growing fields and in need of science graduates who can specialise in various forensics topics.

Forensics has a vast scope and students have the luxury of choosing a field that they can. The only drawback of forensics is that forensics courses are not a part of many mainstream universities and you will have to look hard to find a suitable course. However, once you have done the course, you will easily find a job in the private or public sector and forensics experts are high in demand.


13. Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary

CA or CS, as they are popularly known, are experts in their field. CA are expert accountants and auditors while a CS knows the functioning of a company. Both these professionals may choose to work in a company, but most of them choose to start their own practice where the earning potential is high.

To become a CA or CS, you first need to be a graduate in commerce. Next, you have to finish the course and clear a national-level exam. These exams are said to be some of the toughest in the country with only a few students being able to clear them in the first attempt. However, once you become a CA or CS, you can earn a lot of money.


14. Research & Development

Research & development, or R&D, used to be a weak point in India. But this is now a thing of the past. Today, India is not just an R&D hub for Asia but the whole world. R&D is an excellent field to work in. There are so many different areas to choose from that you can pursue a subject you are truly passionate about.

R&D courses can be found across many top universities in the country. However, owing to the increased popularity, these courses can get full quickly. You may also require to do an additional Ph.D. in your subject of specialisation to get more weightage as an R&D expert. Along with many different areas, there are also many professions you can choose in the R&D industry.


15. Pharmaceutical Industry

From a pharmacist to a microbiologist to a medical representative, there are so many careers that you can pursue in the pharmaceutical industry. Considered as a recession-free industry, the pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of dollars. India is the worlds hub for producing cheap and effective medicines which have resulted in many India pharma companies being counted amongst the best in the world.

There many pharmaceutical courses you can do based on your interests and abilities. Post your course, you can instantly find a job as the demand is high in the industry. You will also make a handsome salary along with benefits if you manage to get a job in the top pharma companies of the country.


Which Courses Are in Most Demand in India 2020?

The demand for courses keeps changing. The industry creates a requirement for certain professions and students follow suit to the demand. Therefore, as a student, you have to know which courses are in most demand in India in 2020, so you can choose the ones that you like, study it, and make a career.

Here are some in-demand courses and facts and figures about them.



Securing the best job possible is the foremost requirement from any educational course, and the above-stated courses are something you should seriously consider if you want to have the best career. Be sure to do the right course from the right institute to get the best chance at having your dream career.


You can do many of the courses stated above at ASMs IBMR. It is one of the premier-most institutes located in Punes industrial township, Pimpri-Chinchwad. Along with courses that are in-tune with the latest in the industry, at IBMR, will also be assured of placement into the best companies in the country. Therefore, get in touch with the institute’s representatives or fill out the enquiry to know more.


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