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Admission Procedure for MBA 2014 in Pune’s Best B School

The scope of an MBA course is vast; the exciting career opportunity it provides is unparalleled. Now a day, most MBA students are offered excellent career openings with attractive pay packages at the college level itself. Thus, the Indian corporate sector has seen skilled and knowledgeable MBA professionals occupying top most positions in reputed business organizations. The role played by B schools in grooming students as per the industry expectations and current management requirements are remarkable. We, ASM-IBMR are prominent among such reputed management schools as we provide our students with a quality learning experience with comprehensive classroom and practical knowledge.

How to Secure an MBA Admission in Pune’s Best B School?

Securing an MBA admission in ASM-IBMR can be a brill...

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Part time Course from Pune University

The college you choose to pursue your part time master degree course can determine your future and career. Since there are several colleges that offer part time courses, it is imperative to select the best by carefully analyzing each institute’s position and reputation in the educational industry. If you are opting for part time courses offered by the Pune University, you can undoubtedly choose to join ASM’s IBMR, one of the best educational institutes with rich heritage.

This blog throws light on the various part time courses offered by ASM’s IBMR, which are affiliated to the Pune University.

List of Pune University Part Time Courses Available at ASM’s IBMR

Part Time Courses - IBMR

ASM’s IBMR provides the best educational experience when you opt to study the following part time courses of the Pune University...

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