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5 Reasons To Do A PGDM Course

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Though it’s a complete two year degree, it is still named a diploma because an autonomous institute cannot offer an MBA degree. But it should not deter you from pursuing PGDM as reputed institutes like IIMs and XLRIs also offer PGDM degree, not MBA.

If It’s Not Enough, then Here are 5 Top Reasons to Choose PGDM:

1. Industry-Integrated Curriculum

An autonomous institute is not bound to follow the traditional curriculum designed years ago. Instead, it is free to create one of its own according to Industry Standards and changes in business environment. You get the industry exposure even before you are placed into an MNC.

2. Unique Specializations

Why should you choose PGDM course over MBA is a question every aspirant is baffled with. The answer is pretty simple- whatever puts you in a better spot to work in those esteemed hot skills which pay well. With ever changing market, new specializations are evolving and so is the need to weave them into our courses.

3.Interpersonal Growth

Your interpersonal skills matter the most when it comes to Business and business means dealing with other people. Developing managerial skills gives you the idea about working of an organization. International industry visits give a broader perspective to students for their overall growth.

4. Placement Opportunities

Companies Aren’t Just Looking for Degrees Now, They Seek Skills.

In recent times, companies have come forward and helped cultivate specialized courses that help them gain students ready right after their post-graduation. A hot skill ensures better growth over a period of time. PGDM courses are designed independent of the traditional books and syllabus. So one only practices and reads in which he wants to pursue his career. Besides recruiters always look for talents who can strategize challenges and realize opportunities.

5.Higher Salary Package

Everyone desires a six figure salary per month but what does it take to get that? Apart from attitude, skills and performance, what really matters is a degree to complement your skills. Right PGDM degree will propel you into a great career position with your well desired package.

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MBA is a dream students aspired for, and still do. But PGDM gives you the same, and some more. And more is all it takes to see the difference between struggling and being competitive to nail the opportunities. ASM’s IBMR ticks all the right boxes by giving you a well-rounded PGDM experience.


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