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How to Answer: Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?

How to Answer: Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship

What is an Internship?

An internship can be described as real, on-the-job work experience. An internship is an opportunity to know how the professional world works, and what are the expectations. Its an opportunity to develop skills and competencies relevant to your career. You can develop skills like organisation, presentation, problem-solving, communication, and negotiation.

Internships are important because there is no better teacher than experience. Once you experience actual work, you will understand your subjects and education better. Internship periods can be anything in between a week to a whole year, depending on your course, and the company you find an internship position in.


The Importance of Internships

Its important you do an internship before you start your career as it teaches things you wont learn in your degree course. You will feel a noticeable growth in your attitude, professionality, and knowledge.

Here are some other reasons to do an internship:

  • To truly understand how a business works, you need to know it from the ground up, and an internship is the best way to know this.
  • Interns get to interact and learn from professionals who know have in-depth knowledge of the business. This interaction will feel like a masterclass.
  • Interns also get an opportunity to make sales, face clients, and even understand their grievances.
  • During an internship, you also get to experience technologies used in the industry.
  • Recruiters also look at internship experience. Your internship will play an important role after you finish your education and are looking for a job.


7 Soft Skills You Get to Learn During an Internship

As mentioned earlier, you learn many skills during your internship, many of which are important soft skills. These skills will serve you well throughout your career. Some of these soft skills are:

  • Communication Skills – Through many interactions with fellow interns, colleagues, bosses, and customers, you develop communication skills.
  • Teamwork Skills – Interns mostly work in teams, and its here where you learn to work with others, towards a common goal, and be a part of a team.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Interpersonal skills help you connect, empathise, and interact with others. Interpersonal skills are the next level of communication skills.
  • Problem-solving Skills – A great way interns to learn is by facing problems. Under a watchful senior, interns get to face business issues and solve them.
  • Time-management Skills – Interns are given so many time-sensitive duties and responsibilities that by the end, you will end up being a time-management expert.
  • Leadership Skills – Though during your internship you wont be in a leadership position, you will be able to observe and work with leaders and pick up on their skills.


What to Expect During an Internship?

During an internship, you can expect to learn. That has always been the main aim of an internship. As an intern, you have to go in with an open mind ready to learn. Companies also hire interns to show them the ropes and reduce workload without hiring a full-time employee. So, as an intern, you can expect to get some duties and responsibilities that will really take you to the next level. Think of this as one of the most important subjects of your degree course.


Why Should You be Hired for This Internship: 10 Best Answers

Internships are important. They dont just fall into your lap. The procedure to hire an intern is exactly like the procedure to hire a full-time employee. You will go through an interview, and the most important question you will face why should you be hired. Your internship will be decided on how you answer this question.

Here are the top 10 answers for the why should you be hired for this internship question that can help you land an internship:


1.Your Purpose – Learning

In your interview, you can be honest about your purpose, which is to learn. Recruiters are looking for candidates who are eager to learn, because they tend to give their all in the internships, and are more than happy to take on many roles and responsibilities. Your answer should be something like the following:

You should hire me because I want to learn. Your company, with its strong team and high-profile clients, is the best place where I can learn from. I know I will get exposure to many things like the latest technologies, and best practices only at your organisation. This will truly increase my knowledge and help me do well as a student and professional in the future..


2. Your Skills – Relevancy

In an interview, you have to advertise yourself. You have to talk about your skills and competencies and have they fit into the organisation. The skills you talk about have to be a combination of soft skills and technical skills as most recruiters are looking for that. So, make sure these skills are highlighted in your resume and you speak about them in the interview.Your answer in this scenario should be.

I should be hired because I want to put my skills to the use of your company, and develop them further. I have good problem-solving skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and technical skills. I can work well in a team and can even interact with clients. I am also proficient in using software and tools, and can easily pick up the technology being used in your company..


3. Your Educational Goals – Expectations

An internship is a part of your education. Therefore, you need to communicate to the recruiter that you consider this experience as a part of your education. This will convey to the recruiter that you are serious about your internship. So, you have to mention your expectations regarding what you will learn during your internship and how it will impact your education.

I should be hired because I consider working for your company as a part of my education. With the kind of work done here, and the companys reputation, I expect this to be one of the best learning phases of my education. I know I will leave your organisation a better student and professional..


4. Your End Goals – Result-Driven

During your interview, you need to talk about what your end goals and expectations regarding results are from the internships. This will show that you are a result-driven person and you would bring the same expectations to the internship. So, the recruiter will know, whatever you do, you will do with a result and end goal in mind.

I should be hired for this internship because I am a result-driven person. I like to finish what I have started and I like to work toward getting a good result. I like to fully commit myself and continue working until I get the right result. I will bring this tenacity and result-orientedness to my internship position..


5. Your Resume – Companys Reputation

You can mention that you are keen to have the companys name on your resume. When you step out into the professional world, the company you have interned at makes quite a difference on your resume. So, you can tell the recruiter that you are eager to work for their company owing to its reputation and it would make a world of difference to their career if they get an opportunity there.

I should be hired for this internship because I have always wanted to work for your company in any capacity. Along with learning and experiencing amazing things, I know the name and reputation of your company is also going to benefit me in the future. Of course, after my education, I would love to work here, but even if I dont get another chance, I would love to have interned in your great organisation..


6. Your Uniqueness – Standout

When it comes to hiring interns, recruiters have seen and heard it all. They go through a barrage of candidates spouting the same things, making the same promises. So, you simply have to stand out from the rest and the best way to do that is to state your uniqueness. And by uniqueness, you dont just have to state your unique job skills, but also other unique talents that add to your persona, because recruiters look for well-rounded interns who can interact and connect with others.

I feel I should be hired because I have a lot of unique talents – being funny is one of them. I am always ready with a witty reply and can have the people around me in splits. Of course, I wont be a distraction, but I can happily diffuse tense situations with good-natured humour. I can also use this ability to connect with the customers and my colleagues..


7. Your Positivity – Confidence

Confidence is a quality that is loved by all – including recruiters. So, when you are interviewing for your internship, you need to exude confidence. As an intern, you are young and unsure, the recruiter expects you to be a little jittery. But if you show confidence in your interview, the recruiter will be pleasantly surprised and will be inclined to award you the internship. However, you have to be careful to not come across as overconfident.

I should be hired for this internship as I feel I deserve it. I have done well in my education so far, and have learned a lot. I feel I will be able to do justice to the position and live up to the high expectations and the reputation of your company. Please consider me for this internship, and I assure you, I will give it my 100%..

8. Your Past – Educational Experience

Since you are probably doing this for the first time, you need to showcase your educational experience and prowess in the interview, as they are most likely your best achievements so far. Talk about the skills and talents your education has awakened in you, and display them to the max.

I should be hired for this internship position, because of my educational background. I have done my bachelor’s in commerce and know how an organisation works. I scored high in accounting and cost accounting, so you can also use me in this capacity. I can also work in many different positions owing to an understanding of organisational structures. I really look forward to working in your organisation and learning..


9. Your Teamwork Skills – Ability to Get Along

One of the biggest abilities recruiters are looking for is teamwork skills. They want people who will fit well into the organisation and start contributing from the get-go. Most interns also start in teams, so they can learn and make fewer mistakes. So, if you are a good team player, you have to make sure that the recruiter knows this.

I feel I should be hired for this internship because I am an excellent team player. I know that I would be expected to work in a large department and can get along well. I learn from others, can follow orders, and work on difficult tasks as well. I excel in teamwork scenarios and can contribute in a big way..


10. Your Communication – Flattery

The reality is that flattery goes a long way. No, you shouldnt heap fake praises of the company on to the recruiter, but you can definitely give credit where it is due and give sincere compliments. The best way to use this to score your internship is by balancing between praising the company and talking about how it will benefit you.

I am honoured to even be considered by your prestigious company, but I do feel I will be a great fit. This is a great learning opportunity for me as I will be surrounded by amazing professionals. This will spur me to give my best and impress you with my hard work and dedication. I really feel this internship to me as I realise its value and will do great things with it..

*Please note that the answers given above are just to give you an idea of what to say during your interview. You can choose to give your own answer*


Internships FAQs

Many students are unaware of a few things related to internships. For them, here are answers to some common internship-related FAQs.

1.What is the process of getting an internship?

There can be different processes, but the most common ways are:

  • Directly applying for an internship in the company of your choice.
  • Your college arranging for internship interviews through associations.
  • Uploading your resume to job and internship portals.

2. How to make the most of an internship?

Learn and perform well. An internship is an opportunity to learn how the reality of the industry is and the best you can do is learn as much as you can and perform to the height of your abilities. You should also make connections and network well with other interns and employees. This networking will be useful.

3. Why should you apply for an internship?

You should apply for an internship because it is one of the best learning opportunities and it will help you a lot in your education and career. An internship can also be a great earning opportunity.

4. Are Internships Paid?

This depends upon the company you land your internship in. Some companies do not pay anything to their interns. But most companies pay interns a monthly stipend. The stipend amounts are not high and are just enough to take care of travel costs. This is because interns are not full-time employees.



The internship is one of the most important phases in your education and career. So, its imperative that you give your best and land an internship in a reputed company. The answers given for the question why should you be hired for this internship will give you a good idea about what to answer and will make you feel confident about the interview. So, choose the answer that suits you, make it your own, and practice it. So, when the time comes to answer, youll know what to say.

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