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What Can I Do After BBA?

What Can I Do After BBA

What After the BBA Course?

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is an excellent course that teaches you all about the different aspects involved in the successful management of a business. This professional degree brings you knowledge and practical experiences, unlike no other degree course. But once you have attained the degree, the question arises, what next?

The reason why it’s hard to immediately know what your next step should be is because a BBA opens a world of opportunities for you. For a student, these options can make it hard to decide. Therefore, in the following blog, lets take a detailed look at all the options after a BBA. This way, you can know which is the best option and you can choose to pursue it.

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Career Options After BBA Course

There are mainly 3 career options a BBA graduate has – higher studies, business, or a job. Getting detailed knowledge of these options will make it easy for you to make the right choice:


A) Higher Studies After BBA Course

This is an option many BBA graduates choose. The professional world is a competitive place and everyone has to do something different to stand out from the others. Though a BBA degree is enough to get you started in a job, many feel that higher education combined with BBA will give you a much better career. Here are some higher study courses you can do after a BBA:

MBA – The MBA is the masters version of the BBA. This is the first choice for most BBA students who choose to pursue higher studies. The MBA builds upon the knowledge gained in BBA with options for many specialisations like marketing, finance, HR, operations, and IT. The MBA will ensure the students acquire excellent professional skills and start in the best career possible.

PGDM – The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is similar to the MBA, but theres more importance given to practical experience. PGDM also has specialisations similar to BBA and MBA, so BBA graduates can continue to pursue the specialisation from their undergraduate course and prepare for a professional career. PGDM courses need to be approved by the AICTE, so you can expect a high quality of education.

MMS – The Master of Management Studies is another great higher education option for BBA graduates. The MMS degree is fast rising in popularity and is becoming an alternative to MBA and PGDM. The MMS course is global industry-centric with different specialisations. There aren’t many B-schools that provide this course, but the ones that do are excellent institutes.

MCA – The Master of Computer Application is a technical degree that teaches students how to develop and market software, tools, and applications using modern computer languages. The MCA degree is an excellent degree course for those who want to work in the IT industry.

CA – The Chartered Accountancy course is an expert accounting degree course overseen by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI). Your education in BBA will be extremely useful as a CA degree involves the study of accounts, taxation, finance, and business. Chartered Accountants are one of the highest-paid professionals in the country.


B) Self Employment/ Business Prospects

The BBA degree involves the study of all aspects related to business like accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. If you have knowledge of all these subjects and have the passion and vision for a business, you can become an entrepreneur and start your own business.

Many BBA courses have entrepreneurship as a specialisation and this whole subject deals with how to start and grow a business from scratch. Therefore, the BBA degree completely equips students with the knowledge and confidence to become self-employed and start their own business. Students can also get this degree and join their family business.


C) Jobs After BBA Course

The third option BBA graduates have is of getting a job and starting their career. The BBA degree is a job-oriented degree that prepares students well enough for them to join the professional world and start contributing immediately. There are many career options for a BBA graduate to consider.

Here are top job opportunities after BBA degree:

1. Marketing Executive – Marketing executives are responsible for marketing activities. Their job is a mix of office work and fieldwork. They have to spread awareness of their companys products and services through marketing activities. With enough experience, you can become a marketing manager soon.

2. Sales Executive – Sales executives are professionals in charge of increasing the direct sales of the product. They have set targets they have to meet and even market and advertise their companys products and services. Sales executives can make a lot of money as they get commissions, and can move up to the position of sales manager.

3. HR Recruiter – The HR recruiter is responsible for finding talent for the company, interviewing them, negotiating the salary, and hiring them. They have to know the employee requirements in all departments and look for talent through multiple mediums. HR recruiters are important and can work up to the position of an HR manager.

4. Financial Analyst – Finance analysts are in charge of reviewing the accounts, taxes, and finances of the company. They have to carefully study and analyse the figures to bring out important findings that the management can use. They have to know how to use analytics software. This profession is gaining importance in the modern business world.

5. Probationary Officer – The probationary officer works in a bank and is in charge of multiple clerical responsibilities. They have to be versatile and they have to work in different departments in clerical and even administrative roles. The probationary offer job is one of the most sight-after jobs in India.

These are the top 5 job opportunities you have after graduating BBA. To know more about other jobs and industries you can make a career with a BBA degree, check out our blog 10 Career Opportunities After BBA.


Why Consider Higher Studies After BBA?

After seeing the 3 options, the best thing you can do after BBA is to go for higher studies. Here are the reasons why:

  • Stand Out – A masters degree will help you stand out over bachelors graduates.
  • Knowledge & Skills – In higher studies, you pick more knowledge and skills.
  • Higher Salary & Benefits – Higher studies result in a better salary & benefits
  • Career Options – Higher studies open doors to more career options.
  • Professional Network – You gain access to a better network of professionals.


Why Choose PGDM/MBA After BBA Course?

If you are going to do the smart thing and pursue higher studies, the best options for you are either an MBA or PGDM. The course continues with the specialised education you get in a BBA. You get to choose a specialisation in which you will make your career. The MBA and PGDM courses have many advantages and to know about them all, check out



BBA graduates have 3 good options like getting a job, starting a business, or continuing with higher studies. The option of higher seems to be the best one. But you should assess your career goals and make the choice accordingly.

To know more about your higher studies options after BBA, get in touch with the experts at ASMs IBMR. You should also enquire about the MBA/PGDM in emerging technologies like data science, cloud computing, AI, ML, and data analytics. They are perfect to pursue after a BBA. Admissions are getting full, so get in touch today!