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March 17, 2019
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Importance Of Industry-Based Courses And Certifications For Students


Call it what you want but competition is growing at a rapid pace. Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Medicines, Project Management, Teaching and all other fields are evolving. So, in order to keep up, you also need to learn those things and to showcase your skill level. Thats where certifications come into the picture.

Also, the subjects that are taught in the colleges also need to mature as per the industry needs as times have changed. Listing a few reasons below why Industry based courses and certifications are essential today, more than ever:

1. Getting a Job

Getting a job is easy and hard both in todays world. If you have what a role needs, you will be hired. To assert that, of course, you need a course which helps you hone your skills and certifications to prove what you know.

2. Promotions

In organizations too, there are technical and management level certifications which help the employees go up the corporate ladder. Most of the times, companies reimburse the amount if you clear the certification. It is a win-win situation for the employee and employer. Employers seek resources for different roles and certifications are the only way to affirm the skills mentioned in a resume.

3. Learn Cutting Edge Technology

Now with postgraduate courses like PGDM, the colleges create value by where they collaborate with industries to create curriculum and certification programs. It is very essential and straight-forward rather than students being dependent on outside references and training.

4. Lucrative Salary Packages

Domains like SAP and Business Analytics need in-depth knowledge and right certifications as they are very broad in scale. That is why there are high demand and higher packages. The inclusion of certification programs in the curriculum makes it feasible for students to pursue them and encourage them to get some on their own.

5. Saving Time

Students used to hate some lectures and like some of them. This was because unnecessary subjects were part of the program, some still are. But mostly, this is curtailed to a great extent. The credit goes to the industry aligned courses and certifications which save the time of students by making their resume substantial and making them more employable.

The brand name of a college matters but your course, specialization and certification is worth more. Gone are the days when a regular degree with conventional subjects will get you something. To get bright opportunities, you should have a strong portfolio.

ASM Group heavily focuses on creating industry- driven programs and specializations. The UG and PG programs boast of certifications from Digital Marketing partners, IBM and SAP. ASM is the only institute in India to offer HBS Online courses. Not only that, the PGDM courses have a curriculum designed from the industries, entailing professional faculty giving guest lectures from time to time.

If you want to know how ASM courses can help you get your dream job, place an enquiry for counseling or give us a call at9422009207/09/10/12 or email at


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