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PGDM Vs MBA: What Should You Choose?


When we talk about MBA and PGDM programs, many students get confused about which to pick. They know that they want to enroll in a B-School and a management program but the difference between the words diploma and degree continues to baffle them.


Let’s Understand The Key Differences Between PGDM and MBA

1. Two Approving Bodies:

Universities, both private and government, are approved under the UGC and its sections. Institutes, on the other hand, is approved and affiliated to AICTE. This is where the difference lies. Only Universities are allowed to offer a degree in management. Thats why institutes need affiliation from other universities to provide an MBA if at all they want to.

However, this shouldnt deter anyone from discarding PGDM as top Institutes like IIMs, XLRI and many more offer PGDM, not MBA.

2. Curriculum Difference:

One factor where PGDM offers more is autonomous institutes can design and develop the curriculum and course according to the demands in the industry. Most of the times, they do so while collaborating with some organization. This, in turn, benefits students, the institute and organization.

3. Organization Perspective:

This is a place, where there is not much difference. PGDM students can have a little edge because they tend to study industry-oriented curriculum, but organizations look at both the students from a similar perspective. In the end, they want someone with skills and a passion to execute the necessary strategies at the right time.

4. Job Portfolio:

HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance still garner a lot of jobs in the country. PGDM courses, on the other hand, are providing different skillset people such as data scientists, Enterprise Managers.

However, there are special programs added to both the courses that almost nullifies the difference.

5. Abroad:

If you are looking for a job, it really doesnt matter because they focus a lot more on your experience, skill level, and recommendations from your supervisors. But if you are looking to go for higher studies such as Ph. D., then MBA is more suited or preferred.


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However, there are differences in the way the courses are designed. It shouldnt be enough to change your decision based on the naming differences. A recent hearing of Supreme Court decreed that IIM colleges could award PGDM as degrees. So, well, as long as you know where your interest lies, there is no harm in choosing either.

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